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Sights and Sounds of The Times - Episode 10 - Heaven on Earth


Belinda Carlisle wrote, "Ooo Heaven is a place on earth. Ooo baby do you know what that's worth? Ooo heaven is a place on earth."

Miss Carlisle clearly was clearly not singing about Portland, Oregon in the year 2020. In fact, that song was written in 1987 when people clearly had a much more positive outlook about life and the state of America.

Miss Carlisle went on to say, and I quote;

"When the night falls down

I wait for you and you come around

And the world's alive with the sound

Of kids on the street outside"

For those of you not familiar with Belinda Carlisle, she is quite the piece of ass, and I have included a picture and a video of 'Heaven Is A Place On Earth' at the link below which takes you to my website

So what happened between 1987 and now? When did Members Only jackets become bullet proof vests and when did hot broads like Belinda Carlisle turn into pigs like Lena Dunham and since when is it OK to take Mexican bartenders and let them be members of Congress? Is it the greatest country in the world or the dumbest country in the world that does something like that?

Where did we go wrong America?

At the DNC Convention last night, the smooth R&B tracks that served as the backdrop for the series of prerecorded messages were not really reflective of the what is going on in society today. 'Reality' more closely resembles a mosh pit at a death metal concert.

The gaslighting throughout the evening peaked with a prerecorded message by Michelle Obama, whose words could not be more incorrect, insincere or subversive.

Michelle Obama might have served this country better if she played a pre-recorded presentation of 'The Talk' wherein black children are allegedly instructed buy their parents how to behave when confronted by a police officer.

There seems to be a disparity between delivering that message and one's cognitive ability to understand the message that interacting with a police officer and surviving is simply a matter of behavior. If every black parent is supposedly having this conversation with their kids, then they should all know that cooperating like a normal human being with a police officer DOES NOT result in death 99.99% of the time. So is it a matter of cognitive ability? Are parents really having 'The Talk?' Where is this 'talk' that you speak of? It should be plastered on the walls of every school, black nightclub and welfare check in America.

But alas, we are stuck with the woman who brought us pearls of wisdom such as, "I woke up in a house built by slaves." and my husband was the best candidate who just happened to be black. Huh. Yea. OK.

Michelle Obama along with other filthy rich women like Oprah have found narrative building oppression sales jobs to be very profitable for them and others who seek to benefit from calling an entire race of people - white men - race and gender- the cause of the unhappiness of all the other groups in society.

Perhaps 'The Talk" should be required curriculum in schools instead of LGBTQ history.

Choosing to present oneself in a particular way (perhaps that of a pernicious bastard) is a choice of style. While style and substance are not always mutually exclusive, only substance is synonymous with merit. Dem nominee for Presidential candidate Joe Biden referred to Michelle Obama's husband as, and I quote, "articulate bright and clean."

While Barack Obama was referred to in a manner known as 'virtue signalling' when a white man does it, the truth remains that his inescapable lack of substance is obvious to anyone. I have personally asked several of his fans to name one good thing he had accomplished during his presidency and nobody I asked could do it. He spent more money than all of the other previous presidents before him combined effectively doubling the national debt while supporting policies destructive to the working middle class - obamacare - he also incentivized his people to not work by extending unemployment benefits due to the 'mortgage crisis' which was primarily caused by 'racist America' offering home mortgages to black people who could not afford them which resulted in financially penalizing responsible hard-working Americans. How you ask?

For most people, their home is their most valuable asset and when you give mortgages to people who cannot pay them because you feel bad that they do not have homes and want them to have things that they cannot afford, you screw up the balance of the market which now has to respond to a disparity in 'inputs' also known as mortgage payments.

It does not take much to follow the bouncing ball and ultimately determine by way of simple math that 'diluting' healthy mortgages that are paid on time with unhealthy mortgages that are never paid on time or not paid at all, upsets the 'rating' of those mortgages for everyone and thus the value of the homes, even the ones whose mortgages are being paid, are subject to a financial value downgrade.

37 people were indicted as a result of the phony Russia investigation into the Trump campaign. Many of these charges resulted from lying on loan applications. Loans, all of which were paid back or never defaulted on in the first place. I say this because it matters.

Why does it matter? Because there are no damages. They upheld all of the terms of the contract.

There are, however, tangible monetary damages to white working middle-class people who never defaulted on their own loans, but had the values of their homes reduced because of the defaults of many primarily African American mortgage holders who never paid their own bills. These people were ultimately rewarded for their criminal behavior as they were deemed 'victims of predatory lending.' Not only were they not charged with crimes, they were financially rewarded for tanking the value of your home - the responsible mortgage holder who never missed a payment.

Now, you can take that same sort of forced diversity and inclusion and apply it to everything else and also see how black culture and forced assimilation with diversity instead of traditional american values was the catalyst for Antifa - which was created to address the absence of the common excuse that 'white people do it too' when pointing out the disparity in behavior between the black and white community with regard to crime.

Tell a bunch of white kids that they are racist unless they have black friends and what is the result? The well-behaved kids in traditionally white cultures now start acting like their black counterparts who you are not allowed to criticize.

You see where I am going with this? I think you do.

Now there are a bunch of 'white Antifa kids' showing solidarity with 'Black Lives Matter'

Diversity has destroyed American culture. It is only the American culture that allows for freedom and liberty. All other cultures are subversive to American culture - that is why they do not have freedom and liberty in the shithole countries they came from.

I implore you to find yourself a connection to the interweb and do a search for the lovely miss Belinda Carlisle and I want you to see her version of what heaven as a a place on earth looks like before exceptional white women not wearing masks are scrubbed from the interwebs for virtue-signalling their hotness which certainly does not sit well with the leftists and their feelings of inferiority.

In closing I would one more time like to quote the great miss Belinda Carlise:

Baby, I was afraid before But I'm not afraid anymore

Ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth? Ooh, heaven is a place on earth. They say in heaven love comes first We'll make heaven a place on earth Ooh, heaven is a place on earth

What will happen if we keep diluting America with black culture?

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