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Selective Attention of The Media and The Hate Crime nobody wants to talk about for some reason

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

He is a white male, a mayor, a lawyer and a former cop. What's not to hate?

He was caught on video, allegedly (clear as day), grabbing, dragging and then slamming an unarmed black protester to the ground during a George Floyd protest/riot on May 31st in Joliet, IL.

A second video, allegedly (not very clearly) appears to show a group of white cops holding someone down and punching him. He is not seen resisting, but it is very unclear why they are punching him in the first place if this in fact they guy that had just been attacked (allegedly) by the mayor.

How corrupt do you have to be to be able to bury THIS?

Why does the news media in Chicago seem to be helping to cover this up with misleading titles like:

Mayor O'Dekirk Scuffle: Charges Dropped Against 2 Men :

Charges were not 'dropped' but never filed to begin with. But most people don't read the article.

Joliet mayor says he will not step down after confrontation with protester, accused of using 'excessive force'

You are not supposed to be using ANY force or ANY physical contact. He is the mayor, not a cop. 'Excessive force' is being used to suggest that he just used too much of somethig he was entitled to. As far as I am aware, the mayor does not have the authority to put his hands on another individual at any time. And then the cops beat him up, allegedly.

And then this happened:

New commissioner appointed to Joliet police board same day he backs mayor

I guess this is a case where 'white people do it too' does apply. Right out there in the open. No concern for optics.

There are many more links to more information and videos about this here:

Why is this not National Headlines?

This two tiered justice system is obviously not applying laws equally and they are doing it right out in the open.

This reminds me of the Ralph Northam situation where someone just has to decide whether or not to release the angry mob. The problem is that what is outlined, allegedly, in this Harper's article is that the snake is eating its own tail now.

I don't believe that this works and I do not believe that petitions work. For whom is this letter intended? Harper's Letter

#JOLIET #MAYOR #BOBODEKIRK #VictorWilliams #JamalSmith

Florida Dem says insulting Congress members should result in prosecution

This situation with Kim Gardner in St Louis is beyond disturbing.

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