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Schumer explains Social Justice distribution of small business loans to minorities as a priority

"So we Democrats said yes, we want to put the more money in, but let's set aside some money to make sure it goes the rural areas, the minority areas, to the unbanked. And the $60 billion for the disaster loan was our proposal, and now the administration is going along with that."

The article basically says this; in order to approve more funding for small biz, we must include language that allows minority biz owners to pilfer the stash first. Here is an example of Liberal fiscal math. EXAMPLE: We will approve $1 Million for legit small biz loans. HOWEVER, you have to address the needs of minority biz owners. Anybody who knows how affirmative action works realizes that 80% of these resources are going to be based on identity politics rather than legit need... This is a rape of funding for small biz that SHOULD BE allocated to legit business owners. And the GOP will agree to it...

If the average person knew how difficult it is for a white male to get a small biz loan compared to a minority, they would be amazed.


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