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Robinhood cover up - limit orders do not execute

Updated: May 31

The app repeatedly fails to execute limit orders. I personally witnessed this 3 times in one week. This is especially a problem for crypto traders when the price of a stock moves so quickly that the price can change mid-way through trying to buy or sell. Sometimes the charts at Robinhood do not even reflect the full range of the stock value throughout the trading day unlike rival coinbase.

Compare charts for the stocks you trade on Robinhood to the same stocks at coinbase and you will see Robinhood just 'drops' both peaks and dips in the stock price throughout the day in certain cases - mostly with crypto.

The lack of trading fees does not matter if the trades do not execute. I spread my trades around various platforms for exactly this reason and I have made more money trading the same stocks on reliable platforms like coinbase.

Robinhood nears its biggest trade of all, an IPO, after wild year

Blocked from asking a question about the failure of Robinhood app charts on their forum on Reddit:

Here is one genius investor giving trading advice telling a user that he cannot sell a stock at a certain price if nobody on the other end in buying at that price. I would bet money that these shills do not even own the stock.


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