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Response to IDW post about the conversation about race

Can We Please Have The Conversation About Racism And Get It Over With?

Glad you made this post and set up your own rules of engagement. You are smarter than many people who do not think at all.

When you interact with the best country in the world - America - you either assimilate with traditional American values or you are subversive to it. 'Diversity' in culture should not be allowed. Diversity belongs in entertainment, not in society. Because it is your culture that created the environment you escape when you come to America.

Your limitations are this - The Spanish language has very few words for a mostly simple people. There are a lot of words that define concepts that the Spanish language has no equivalent for with regard to the English language. When you don't have a word for something, you cannot understand the definition of that concept.

Without 'blaming the people' - because it is the policies that allow them to come here in the first place that are to blame. If I lived in a garbage dump of a country, I would be trying to get here too. Your presence here undermines our economy. The low wages are dictated by YOU. It is not part of our culture to live 10 people to a house. This is what you have to do if the wages are driven down so low that one cannot live on their own.

THIS IS THE INTELLIGENT CONVERSATION ABOUT RACE WITH REGARD TO BLACK PEOPLE - Black Lives Matter - This is level of civil discourse that these people are capable of. Violence, looting, rioting - THIS IS THE CONVERSATION.

I wrote an article about this you may find interesting as I have attempted to 'hold other people accountable' which seems to be what you are doing also. This is impossible with black people:

Intelligent conversation about race? We are having it right now.


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