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I do not give respect to anyone who has not earned it. Not by kissing my ass. You lose points for that. I mean, by not demonstrating that you are at least somewhat of an asshole.

Everyone I have ever known is at least a little bit of an asshole. Otherwise, they probably would not have been my friend.

I liked hanging out with people who were smarter than me. This way there was always something I could learn from them.

Most importantly, I learned that there are various ways of being an asshole.

I can be an asshole. And I can probably do it better than you. I am just more polite.

Manners. Ahh. Such fickle creatures are those hideous manners.

It is never the act, but the intent.

The nuance of subtleties.

Let’s do something. Let’s do something to harness that power.

You know why there are many famous musicians you have never heard of, but not that many great bands? Legacy bands, the good ones have always been there for a reason. They are 3 or four guys or ladies, or more. They all get along for the duration of recording an album and going on tour together without killing themselves.

Getting that many people to go along on a creative venture is unheard of in any type of business, except the technology business.

Big tech is not Zuckerburg (autocorrect spelled his name this way) or Dorsey. Do you think those two are just software idiots? I mean, experts? Seriously. So Mark Zuckerberg is basically Bill Gates and productivity software sucks, but social media software design has risen to the level of AI?

Yea, all of that Cambridge Analytica data, as well as the SalesForce data for all of Trump’s followers and everybody who owns guns is going on a list.

On, at, or in?

Are we ‘on’ the precipice - or ‘at’ it or ‘in’ it?

Well, by definition, you cannot be ‘in’ the precipice, you can only be ‘at’ it or ‘on’ it.

That is why Mark Levine said, “We are in the abyss and trying to look for a way out.” In his book - American Marxism.

I swear to god I can’t believe this is happening.

The transition to Orwell is the part of the book he didn’t write about. In his book, we were already there. Now, this is the transition - the part that happens during the downslide toward what Orwell wrote about.

I hate people. And even I do not like watching this go down. They are eating themselves.

Cannibals of a culture that is rooted in the history they are trying so desperately to erase that will show; there has been no better culture for the black community anywhere else in the world for the past 157 years than in the United States of America. Criminals be damned.

Son, (oh but yo father never told that to you because he was in prison). Truth hurts.

Your truth is not the truth. And here we try to keep fighting for it every day and as Laura Ingraham so wisely quoted, “people can feel the country slipping away.’ I am a fan.

There are highly publicized events of acts of lawlessness being sold like advertisements. Black Friday came early this year, ‘Loot, Loot, looting is reparations.’ Now it is is just a regular part of Black Friday. Now, they stole all the store’s stuff before they even had a chance to sell it. Many big ‘boutique’ retail companies only make money (in the black) for the year during the holiday season and coming off of last year, brick and mortar retail locations are done. Insurance rates are going through the roof because of this. They don’t pay for insurance. They get insurance.

The Right-Wing press does not do a very good job of stalking people when they are trying to do opposition research. This is why the good ones need to be recognized. I will possibly be giving out awards, but never mind, I was banned from your social media page.

I have noticed the verbiage has changed over at Fox News and I I would like to thank those broadcasters who are able to, through body language and other micro aggressions, display their less than overwhelming disgust at the nature of what has become what is considered to be acceptable landscape in our society.

I understand. It is like trying to describe a Lars Von Trier film to someone who has never seen one. I have not met the lady yet who can make it through a Lars Von Trier film. Ha ha.

When you can’t sleep and you stare at the ceiling, what is it that you most worry about?

Is that what is important to you or is that what you are concerned with. Because you are constantly having to make these choices.

Sometimes these things are not meant to be disrespectful, just posturing.

But this leads to things like ‘mutual combat’ which basically means, innocent bystanders beware. Which is a threat to whom? The black community, yes, but now those are mere ‘turf’ wars that have been ignored while all the crime reports are in the good areas of places like Chicago. The volume of crime has risen and it has also taken over a different landscape.

No more need to report who is getting robbed on the South side, the North Side is just as messed up. That’s the message from the home of a Senator with a House in Hyde Park, Chicago who became Barack Obama right after the Rod Blagojevich scandal. Rat Bastards.

Circling the drain.

When water circles a drain it can pull objects around it down with it.

That needed to be its own sentence.

For liability reasons.

If they knew what went on inside my mind, nobody would ever want anything to do with me ever again.

So maybe it is for their own safety that nobody choose to fuck with somebody on Thanksgiving this year. You think you can handle that?

You fuckers are going to hate me for saying this, but since they let their fathers out of jail the shit has increased and not decreased because - the recidivism rate. That is why crime is on steroids now. The courts let their criminal fathers out of prison because of Covid and Coronavirus and all that… climate change

Everybody chill the fuck out on Thanksgiving.

As my content is so much more important than your character

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