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Updated: Nov 12

Establishment Republicans (The current GOP) have no intention of repairing election fraud. They plan on using it as a platform to run on in 2022 and 2024 - leaving the system broken so that they can ensure Trump is not reelected. On this very website, the website I pay to host, 'election fraud' typed into the search engine frequently shows no results for my own posts on election fraud. That is why I have attached a hot-link to the homepage.

Special Report: Reuters unmasks Trump supporters who terrified U.S. election workers_REUTERS

GOP does nothing about 'cancel culture' which is harassment that sometimes leads to suicide.

GOP does nothing about financial deplatforming as long as they receive money from their lobbists.

These are all examples of why ever one of their asses needs to be voted out and replaced.


Republicans Who Supported Biden’s $1.2T Infrastructure Bill Once Opposed $25B for Border Wall_BREITBART

Ohio ‘Republicans’ Move Forward in the Redistricting Efforts That Will Result in Trump Supporting Rep. Jim Jordan Being Removed from Office_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Lindsey Graham Reportedly Called for Officers to Murder Jan. 6 Protesters: ‘You’ve Got Guns… Use Them’_GATEWAYPUNDIT

NOT THIS TIME... Sen. Rick Scott: Biden Is Republicans 'Best Asset' for 2022 Right Now_NEWSMAX

President Trump Warns Republicans Won’t Vote and Won’t Win if Presidential Election Fraud Is Not Fixed_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Trump faces questions under oath at deposition in case brought by protesters_FOXNEWS

Arizona Governor Ducey Does It Again – Sides with Biden and Fellow RINOs No Matter What the Facts Are with the 2020 Election in Arizona_GATEWAYPUNDIT

House Passes “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation Bill For Ex-Military Members — And Lots Of Republicans Voted For It_GATEWAYPUNDIT

They’re On the Other Side: GOP Totally Ignores AZ Forensic Audit that Found State of Arizona NEVER Should Have Been Certified_GATEWAYPUNDIT

More GOP Governors Back Biden’s Plan to Resettle 95K Afghans in Their States_BREITBART

Mitch McConnell: ‘President Is Not Going to Be Removed from Office’_BREITBART

Mitt Romney: It Is ‘Our National Character’ to Welcome People Who Seek Asylum_BREITBART

10 GOP Governors Ask Joe Biden to Resettle Afghans in Their States_BREITBART

Republicans DELETE webpage praising Donald Trump's 'historic peace deal with the Taliban' and his support for withdrawing troops as the Taliban takes control_DAILYMAIL

Mike Lindell Reveals Details Of Attack By 3 Men In Lobby of Sioux Falls Hotel_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Who Are These People? Dirtbag Mitch McConnell Threatens to Defy Trump and Pick His Own Candidate to to Run Against Herschel Walker in GA Senate Race_GATEWAYPUNDIT

‘Optics’: Senate Judiciary Republicans Sat On ATF Nominee Racism Charges For Nearly Two Months, Records Show_DAILYMAIL

China’s ‘Social Credit’ system has arrived to America_ZEROHEDGE

GOP Silent on financial deplatforming: Coming Soon: A 'No Buy List' for Conservatives and Other 'Hate Groups'_PJMEDIA

Obvious lie from the people who blocked Trump in 2020: RNC's McDaniel to Newsmax: Republicans Must Win in 2022 for Trump to Take 2024_NEWSMAX

Maskless House Republicans Protest Pelosi’s Mask Mandate by Walking Into Senate, Where Masks Are NOT Mandated (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

GOP Senator Says He’s Grateful for Ashli Babbitt’s Killer – Insists ‘Criminal” Babbitt Was Warned before She Was Shot Dead in Cold Blood_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Shadow Boxing - Maskless House Republicans Protest Pelosi’s Mask Mandate by Walking Into Senate, Where Masks Are NOT Mandated (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

THERE WILL BE NO RED WAVE IN 2022 or 2024 - Biden/Harris admin is 'KILLING PEOPLE' by not closing the southern border and Texas governor Greg Abbott is helping them do it by not kicking the Feds out of Texas - the Feds helping them cross the border and redistributing them across the U.S._DAILYMAIL

EXCLUSIVE: Capitol rioter sentenced to eight months in prison appears on the verge of tears as he's seen in emotional farewell with his girlfriend after returning to his Tampa home from DC hearing_DAILYMAIL

“Dr. Fauci as You Are Aware It is a Crime to Lie to Congress, Section 1001 of the US Criminal Code” — Senator Paul Threatens Liar Fauci with Felony for Lying to Congress (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Rand Paul: “I Will be Sending a Letter to the Department of Justice Asking For a Criminal Referral” Into Fauci (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

EXCLUSIVE: Top Trump Campaign Insider Speaks Out – “RNC Did Not Want Us to Fight for the President – They Collected $220 Million for Legal Fees – Where Did It Go?”_GATEWAYPUNDIT

RNC Backs 2020 Election Fraud and Steal Then Thinks Americans Will Support Them in Future – Not A Chance_GATEWAYPUNDIT

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