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Why it is a waste of time to debate the Left

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Radiolab Debatable - A prime example of how we arrived here through deference

25:00 - George Soros heavily funded the 'black debate world.'

"Incredibly important to the 'production' of democracy."

Soros poured MILLIONS of dollars into 'urban debate programs'

1987 - New York City - Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit (urban debate leagues).

Louisville Project - early 2000s

Students would try to make arguments about race inside the topics. (Identity Debaters).

Northwestern Debate Team loses to Hood Rat debate team that cries racism once they get their turn.

This is a very good piece about the uselessness of engaging the Left in debate and how Soros funded 'black debate teams' went on to 'win' debates by calling the judges and the opposing team a bunch of racists. #Leftism

The featured 'debater' in this story also falsely claims that members of the opposing team called him a nigger. It wouldn't pass as a complete picture of the sweeping mental illness in the black community with the staple fake hate crime attached to the other nonsensical bullshit.

'If blacks don't win, the game must be rigged.' Then THEY rig the game so only they can win. Like playing a board game with a child.

The life cycle of the false narrative of racism

Groups like Black Lives Matter have basically come full circle starting with (12:00) – we just want a seat at the table to (12:15) – we just want equal representation (12:30) – now we are going to flip over that table (12:45) – now we are going to do away with the Constitution (1:00) – now we are going to dominate you.


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