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Updated: Aug 13, 2020


Despite Our Evidence Showing the QAnon Movement Is Being Infiltrated by Russian Operatives – Leftist Reporter Clings to Antisemitic Infiltration to Hurt Movement

It is possible that the creation of 'Q' was an act of Leftism - Invite a bunch of people into your house of lies by preying on their sense of patriotism and religion and then burn down the proverbial house... Isn't that essentially what they did? It accomplished several goals - Discredited the Right - got a bunch of people to believe in and spread fake news that the Left created (they tricked the Right into spreading it - OR many of the people following Q were actually Leftists) and then create apathy by smashing it right in front of the people who believed in it. Humiliating people is one of the consistent markers of the Left. One of the main goals of Leftism in society right now is to create apathy. They sold you a bill of goods, you bought it and then they made fun of you for buying it. That is their MO.

I know as many people who follow 'Q' as I know people who have Coronavirus - ZERO

The USA was the greatest country in the world because of The Bible. It was the sensibilities of people who practiced good values and raised their kids to practice good values that created exceptionalism. Now that our work has been completed - the work of building it - the Left is in the process of seizing it from us to hand over to the people who will destroy it after all of the good ideas have been created and 'shelved.'

It is my working theory that the Bible is a Leftist document. (Let's say 'Israel' and not make it personal to the Jewish people) used us as slaves to build the USA and the Bible was our road map. The Bible and the 'forgiveness' and the 'turn the other cheek' and the 'suffering' is what we are enduring right now and is the cage through which we are being poked. Open the door to the cage and the poking stops, but just as the Left has been grooming and cultivating animals, the Right has been 'training' people to work hard and behave and do good things. Well, there are no more jobs in those departments. In case you have not noticed, the dismantling of society has been increasing in pace rapidly.

We are the slaves - Not the blacks - The blacks were the laborers - The Mexicans are the new laborers

Summary: 1. The Bible is what guided people in the creation of the USA 2. Israel (Or The Council on Foreign Relations) wrote the Bible 3. Our work has now been completed and they will do to us what they did to the builders of the Great Pyramids

- 'The American Experiment' was an experiment and the experiment succeeded. Only, the experiment was actually NOT OUR EXPERIMENT. It was OUR ASSIGNMENT - We were the proctors unaware that we were being used to carry out the experiment. Dig? [As a side note, it does demonstrate the Founding Fathers - Great White Men - as they were the ones chosen to be the project managers of the Great Experiment] We are losing our 'Freedom and Liberty' which never existed to begin with, It was all the 'illusion of democracy' in our constitutional republic. And the experiment is still working because we are not fighting back. Why? Because the Bible tells us not to. The good Christian Conservatives out there are telling us to pray and spread kindness and love. I cannot think of anything worse than letting your enemies destroy your life and just throwing your hands up in the air and saying, 'Oh Well.' Go to church. Donate to charity. Get financially and emotionally and spiritually raped and smile and just let them do it to you... Really?


YOUTUBE: Saudi Scholar: What Is Written in "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" Is Translated into Reality

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