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POTUS & VP come out of hiding to call America racist

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Biden, Harris react to verdict in Derek Chauvin trial

Joe and Kamala both said, "It is not enough," referring to the guilty verdict of Derek Chauvin. "Systemic racism in policing and our criminal justice system."

The people in Minnesota who destroyed the city again for one straight week feel that their behavior contributed to the outcome of the trial and Maxine Waters backed them up. And Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Party backed her up.

"Daddy changed the world," Joe Biden reminisced hearing from the daughter of St. George Floyd of Minnesota at his funeral.

"It is not enough." A phrase we hear often. Whether it is from the mouth of an ungrateful black actress when presented with an award, or from the mouth of a fraud like Kamala Harris who stole an election and ran on nothing while she channeled the ungrateful sentiments of Michelle Obama before her.

The truth is, that it will never be enough.

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