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Politics starts at the level of the prosecutor

Updated: Apr 20

This is the dividing line between law enforcement and those who really decide what the laws are. Soros knew this. This is why he funded the campaigns of so many prosecutors. You know which name I have not heard lately? Keith Ellison. Why is that?

Isn't the son of Keith Ellison both an Antifa supporter and a member of local government in Minnesota? Isn't Keith Ellison also a friend of Farrakhan who had a worshipper that just died on a solo mission to the U.S. Capitol? Are there or are there not 'protesters' who have committed 'violent acts of insurrection' with known groups throughout the country descending on the Capitol building in D.C. right now?

Is a current sitting member of Congress INCITING A RIOT when she goes to Minnesota to encourage VIOLENT INSURRECTIONISTS to 'keep up the good work' after one straight week of rioting, destruction and A HUGE WASTE OF RESOURCES - YEA, I AM TALKING ABOUT THE POLICE AND THE NATIONAL GUARD WHO ARE BASICALLY LETTING IT GO ON FOR THIS LONG. What is the point of your presence there if you are not going to make it stop?

Kim Foxx in Chicago showed up via 'zoom' recently wearing these 'Oprah style glasses.' The varsity letters of the tribe I call, 'The Hair Hat Mafia.'

Here is a link to the Oprah commencement speech from 2020 in Chicago:

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