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Political Right - Are you sorry you raised your kids to be losers?

Bad is the new good. That means good is new the bad per the rules of the 2020 Revolution.

What say you parents? The ones who taught your kids the values of hard work and responsibility and the virtues kindness and equality? That text book is not used here anymore.

The new normal is masks, white oppression (white male oppression specifically) and black privilege and black supremacy is the new law of the land.

Destroying exceptional statues and works of art is lauded and 'defacing trash' - i.e. the graffiti that poses as the new backdrop for the society now run by the underground mole people, is against the law. Trash is the new 'art' (see below).

When you let black people take charge of any position whether it be a job at the ground level or position in an office of government that they have not earned and were 'gifted' through the privilege of being black - which of course is a huge irony that they are calling the system that granted them and them alone the privilege and supremacy, to bypass all of the necessary requirements everyone else has to follow 'racist' - the ultimately fuck it up via one or more of the various means of natural selection.

They will either fuck it up by way of gross incompetence - this is the default method by which they destroy the system from within. This is a strategy by the way. 'They' (the Left, Soros) know the end game of this route. Fuck things up so badly by inserting people who are grossly incompetent that now 'Google' has to be the new police force. It is happening. Techies are the new police task force. 'They' have already been the architects in this 'digital grid' in which we all find ourselves, controlled by AI, etc.

Tyranny is another method by which they are dismantling the system daily by way of 'diversity' by just not following the rules and laws of the office and, like I have said, turning the rule of law into a hip hop album that is just stuck on repeat - no matter how hard we try to dress up that pig, it is still a pig.

This all comes to us by way of not being able to hold people accountable for what they do. Identity politics.

THEY - The non-white males (some woke whites) on the far-Left have been 'rasied' with the values that undermine our society.

"How can a person be brain washed in a free society?" I heard Dennis Prager ask that question.

MAKE them dumb and keep them dumb and manipulate them from day one in their schools, etc.

The empty vessels that the Left creates and deploys like drones to nag, birch and moan about everything under the sun is a constant attack and an assault on 'tolerance' OH, THE IRONY! Because they have none of that!

They were raised to be ghetto hood rats.

Maybe it started with 'forced diversity' and forced acceptance of the values of the immigrants and their shithole countries as a first step toward the side-stepping of traditional American values.

Our good nature as Americans is idiotic and you are idiotic if you continue and do not adapt to survive because it is has never been more crystal clear that these people crying that they just wanted an equal seat at the table are here to overthrow you and your God and your values.

THE SNAKE: Trump reads song lyrics, relates it to illegal immigrants

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