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Parler social media site is part of a social engineering experiment

Updated: May 29

Intentionally implementing dysfunctional technology into society and testing people's tolerance for what they are willing to put up with has been happening in an overwhelmingly obvious fashion for about a decade.

Before 'they' can reprogram you, they have to 'depattern' you. The constant jarring interruptions of your once simple daily life are a result of what we recognize as minor flaws in the technological framework that is completely embedded into society.

How many questions do you have to answer before you can purchase gasoline at a gas pump? And why do you now have to leave your card in the slot instead of inserting it and removing it quickly? Because it is the opposite of the way it was before.

Have you noticed that the entire way you use an ATM has changed? Pay attention to the language and the awkward way the transaction takes place as well as how slowly the transaction takes to process. Self checkout lanes are not self-checkout at all because the machines NEVER work.

Have you looked at the screens on the credit card terminals when you insert your card just about anywhere? You can't read them because of the small print and the screen itself is designed that way - designed to annoy you. ' ! PROCESSING/REMOVE CARD' - Well, which one is it? Is it processing or should I remove the card and why is that exclamation point there?

And when you return to the parking lot after struggling to understand the employee at the store who is mumbling behind their mask, you are met with the physical social engineering that is civil engineering. Parking lots are designed to both slow you down and cause accidents.

Cars moving into a parking lot are directed toward the storefronts - where people are entering and leaving. This forced bottleneck is designed to irritate you and make it less safe for people trying to park and for those walking to and from their cars. Angled parking spaces direct you to pull in head first, making the likelihood that you will hit someone on the way out that much higher. Two cars cannot pass each other in two car lanes. One car must wave another forward because there is not enough room for both of you to turn because of the unnecessary curbs that stick out and make it impossible for both of you to complete a turn radius at the same time. New intersections at stop lights are also designed this way. It is almost impossible to make a turn from a traffic light while staying in your lane. This is done on purpose.

Nothing works. Are we to blame the voting machines for election fraud? How about the frauds who programmed and designed them to be that way? How about the frauds who selected those machines from other more reliable systems? 'I didn't know - everybody is just stupid' is a common excuse that is designed to appease the political right, who they think will 'feel bad' for people dumber and weaker than they are. This is the intersection of 'gross incompetence' and 'willful fraud.' They are betting on you to give the benefit of the doubt to people who are lower on the mental spectrum than you are - while they intentionally cheat right to your face and pretend like they do not know any better.

What does any of this have to do with Parler? Parler just 'went down' about a month ago with no explanation. Later, they cited making improvements, but offered no warning regarding the maintenance period in advance leading me to believe that their reason for the outage was a lie. They claim to be back online now with a non-functioning version of their previous site. The 'new and improved' version is worse than the previous version. As are most technology upgrades.

Parler has received much support from the political right. Big names like Dan Bongino have attached themselves to this albatross. Why is the political right so bad at 'doing tech?' Seriously? The answer, of course, is that all of tech is controlled by the political left. Discrimination. Monopoly. All of the words they use to define the ills of society - equity. There is no equity in tech. It is not fair. It is god awful and getting worse, but only for some.

Mike Lindell spent millions of dollars on a social media site that not only does not work, it is not a social media site at all. It is a blog. A million dollar blog? Why? You can start one for free with Wordpress with all of the features of Mike's blog.

Trump recently relaunched his campaign website with a blog. Not a social media site. A blog.

The people at Parler have no idea what they are doing; unless it is their purpose to do something else with their garbage platform other than offer a social media platform.

I was transferred to a call center in India once and their phone lines were not working. I waited for 45 minutes to speak with someone I could not understand, and could not even hear anyway because of the dog shit infrastructure that makes up the hell hole we call India.

"I can't hear you," I said.

"We are having trouble with our phone lines," she said.

"You are a call center," I said. "Phone lines are the whole thing. You cease to be a call center when your phone lines are not working."

Is there any explanation from the people who work at Parler for this, yet another, major outage in just the first few months of 2021? Why the hell should I continue to try to use your site? Why haven't you made any announcements to your users, who you clearly hate? Why hasn't everyone who works there been fired? Do you have any explanation for what is going on over there? Anything you say at this point, I won't believe anyway.


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