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Parler has been down for 3 weeks with no explanation

Updated: May 18

5/18/2021 - 3 Weeks and Parler is still down... Going on 3 weeks and Parler is still not functional - Mike Lindell FRANK SPEECH is also a total disaster. WTF is it when it comes to Republicans and tech?

5/8/2021 - UPDATE: Parler is back online and shittier than ever...

Parler sucks and it always has. The site just went back online after no explanation for being offline for nearly a week. Not surprisingly, the site does not work. The gross incompetence over there is appalling.

What are they doing? Parler has not made any significant changes to their glorified right-wing echo chamber and poor excuse for a social media site in the past several years despite having tons of support from right-wing talking heads.

Parler has openly admitted in the past that they have cooperated with agencies looking for 'white supremacists' and now an unannounced update to the site has us believing that this is just a site improvement with no statement from the site other than this image (above) that appears on the homepage of their website.

The real question is: How many people will continue to put up with this? Reports say Parler experienced a less than enthusiastic response to their online return after being shut down earlier this year. You cannot have a social media site and just be offline for days at a time. People will just stop visiting your garbage platform.


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