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Oversimplified - 'The Great Reset' is NET WORTH EQUALIZATION -

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Oversimplified - 'The Great Reset' is NET WORTH EQUALIZATION -

Kamala Harris’ ‘equality of outcome’ video slammed as communism pitch -

The Left has cultivated a group that, in terms of production, represent the dregs of society. Then, as Kamala Harris said, you focus on outcomes instead of inputs. The 'halving' only has to occur in a couple places to achieve the equalization of net worth.

Education and Housing.

HOUSING - People's homes are typically their largest assets. The housing crisis of 2007-08 was the result of 'giving' that group of people mortgages they did not deserve because they could not afford to pay them. The result? Decrease of YOUR home value and a PAYOUT for these people who were deemed victims of predatory lending.

EDUCATION - If your parents have a job, they make them cosign for you to take out ridiculous loans for useless college degrees that now cost 4X what they did just two decades ago. This group deemed the dregs of society goes for free or nearly free. They also get preferential treatment in the workplace.

The lines of communication, 'technology,' are then used to control you. The lines of communication in this country are already socialist. Big Tech is a social engineering tool.

We were warned about this by Ted Kaczynski, aka 'The Unabomber' in his manifesto 'Industrial Society and Its Future' published in the Washington Post almost 30 years ago. He has a PhD from Harvard and as one of his former class mates recently said about him - if you separate his actions from the academic part of his writing, you will find that nearly everything he wrote about came true.

WE WERE ALL WARNED ABOUT THIS. One way to distract us from this and solidify the Democrat (now Leftist) stronghold on the former Constitutional Republic of The United States is to flood the country with diversity to overtake the American culture who has gotten wise to the fact that the American Dream is a lie. We are controlled now more than ever through taxation and over-regulation in addition to other forms of government overreach. Technology is then used to scrape people off of the digital grid (which is everything) when they do not comply.

The new version of cause and effect, if you will. Smart people understand this. The group considered the dregs of society have been cultivated to NOT accept this. Commit a crime = go to jail. Don't listen to the cop at a routine traffic stop? Get shot. Smart people - criticize they behavior of a non-white male? You must be a racist. Lose your job and get 'cancelled.' Cause and effect.

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