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Opinion: There is no labor shortage - employers just don't 'like' you

There is certainly no shortage of 'people' since we have imported millions of illegal immigrants, refugees, migrants... whatever you want to call them. By the way, what are those people doing for work since they are not technically eligible for legitimate employment?

Economic refugees? But they are not here to work. They are here for the free stuff.

Independent business owners who were forced to close up shop for good because of the lockdown are not looking for jobs? I do not believe that.

The employment numbers are rigged as we remember from the 2007-2008 mortgage crisis fallout. People 'just stopped looking for jobs' after their unemployment benefits ran out. Not true. And yes, Biden is paying them more to not work. This still ignores that old elephant the room of overqualified capable people who have been perpetually working several levels below what they are capable of doing both in terms of pay and job responsibilities.

These are the people employers are saying they cannot find, while those same people have been jumping up and down screaming, "here I am," but they can't seem to connect with each other. Why is that?

AI has become embedded in our technological landscape to squeeze those people out of the workforce altogether. Businesses claiming that they can't find good people are at odds with the huge demographic of people who are more than capable of performing the work, but why is it that those two groups of people are having such a hard time finding each other?

Job boards are now controlled by AI. Those technological platforms have decided what qualifies someone as a 'desirable candidate' and they have decided whom they allow a potential employer to see.

The lockdown had nothing to do with COVID. It was an assault on independent small business. I wondered as I watched the Social Justice Warriors burn, loot and riot - who would hire these people who have this garbage plastered all over their social media accounts? They are the 'New Americans' - patriots of the political-left.

Does your social media account reflect an alignment with right-wing ideology? You're out.

Have you noticed how nothing works? That is by design. That is not an accident. Everything takes longer. Everything is less productive. Everything is layered with some sort of threat or hostility.

They do not care how capable you are of doing your job if you do not get the vax or go to employer mandated training where you will admit that you are racist, even if you are not.

You are the new threat and the 'cause' of other people's feelings of inferiority if they identify in some way that they feel inferior to you. That is what they call your 'supremacy.' I didn't say that, you said that. Competence, meritocracy, etc. This sport requires that you 'drop the ball' an appropriate number of times in order to stay in the game.

I am not alone in thinking that there are huge segments of the population who have never met me and know nothing about me, but they do hate me. Why is that? Doesn't seem very equitable.

Leftist ideology has pushed good capable people out of the military, local law enforcement, the healthcare industry and now every corporation if you do not wear a mask, like an idiot, when we know that they do nothing to protect you from anything.

Masks are an erasure of your personal identity to be replaced with your new identity which is mandated by the government. Everything has been politicized and forced compliance with the government mandated propaganda is the new barrier for entry to the 'New American Dream:'

The equalization of net worth. Now you are here.

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