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Oops, my bad - 'We' made a mistake when deciding to destroy the American economy

'THEY' destroyed what 'I' built, but now 'WE' will decide how to rebuild it.

#FOXNEWS 5/25/2020 - Cuomo admits 'we all failed' at making coronavirus projections

Chicago mayor Lori LIghtfoot is using the same language. They all use the same script.

...we destroyed what you built, because we don't like President Donald Trump. Because 'we' (they) hate success and exceptionalism. Because somebody got the carrot. Because somebody was asleep on the job when it came time to create another obstacle (bureaucratic red tape) to control and thwart the idea that some people are better than others.

Now, let's rebuild it together.

The government has exercised this exact protocol when seizing businesses, corporations and entities of all kinds many times over. A good example of this is what Obama did with for-profit education. 1. Smash it with a hammer 2. Save the day by helping clean up the mess he literally caused and created 3. Call it your own and call the mission a success.


The government is the only entity that can operate at a loss in perpetuity. The only thing that they have to do is implement some regulation that will cripple you and then police themselves (and do whatever they feel like) after they seize it. They can either change the regulations back by relaxing them or just pretend that they are policing it when in reality it is just allowed to continue operating as a broken entity. They government does not ever really 'fine' or regulate itself. And if they do, so what? It is symbolic. It does not mean anything. Nobody suffers as a result. Unless you come into any proximity whatsoever with POTUS Trump. Then they will annihilate you.

I hate to say this and never thought that I would, but it is time to just get out of the way and 'let them do it.' Let the Dems turn the country socialist. Because THIS would not have happened if Hillary had won in 2016.

This painful conjecture is based on the reality that there are two completely opposite narratives of reality playing out in front of us right now in real time and it is frightening. This whole mess will appear in history books in the future this way:

Look at all the chaos and carnage that occurred during the Trump Presidency. Start a fire, pivot, point the finger at somebody else. Wash, rinse, repeat.


Now, it will be interesting to see who gets what as we continue the narrative of 'making right those wrongs of the past' now that everything good has been brought down to the level of the lowest common denominator.

The inferior Leftist assholes are happy as pigs in shit. 2, 3, 4 months vacation...

The rest of us are watching what we built get destroyed

The snake eats its own tail. The part of the Leftist playbook that you never read. The part that did not appear in the Cliffs Notes because you Leftist jagoffs decided it would be easier to blow the professor than to do your fucking homework like the rest of us.

For the final act, they take away your rights. And they just did this all in one fell swoop with the imaginary boogeyman called coronavirus. It was a mistake. White people make them too is the headline being prepared as we speak. After we loaded up positions of authority in this country with people who give the best blow jobs instead of people who know what the fuck they are talking about.

This is important to note:

When the correct answer is demmed to be 'wrong' because it does not fit the narrative...

this is also a form of #gaslighting

I noticed the decline of what I referred to as 'academic integrity' and was laughed at by an graduate level economics 'instructor' whom I debated and out-argued and as a reward received a 'B' when I deserved an A+++ simply because I arrived at the correct conclusion instead of the social justice conclusion. Of course I arrived at, you know, the conclusion that 'did good' instead of 'feels good.' But when economies are run based on how people feel...

It wasn't the first time I found myself in front of a teacher who was inferior to my level of understanding on a subject they were presumed to be the expert. I tried to cut her some slack because she was a black woman and we can all assume that as such she did not get to be in that position based on merit.

It's not because they are black...bullshit. Black people when given the opportunity to think for themselves have chosen to auction themselves off to the highest bidder every election cycle. And what do the get in turn? Social justice - go ahead and nig out and we will let you do it.

But my point in saying this is for those of you who abuse the equal application and justice and who get away with - you can't do this to me, but I can do it to you... 'because I said so.

Without making this extraordinarily wordy, it has been known for some time by people who can actually think more than 5 minutes into the future that the passage that goes like this, "for the final act, they take away your rights after you help them advance their narrative," does not exist in the cliffs notes.

This is what happens when they teach you what to think instead of how to think.

This is really in response to 'the script' that is playing out before our eyes. I follow national and 'local' news in various regions and it is amazing that they are all working from the same script and sometimes deciding to not even change the title. Amazing.

'THEY' destroyed what 'I' built, but now 'WE' will decide how to rebuild it.

All that will exist going forward in terms of the economy will be the narrative. It will be impossible for anyone to operate anything without government sticking their dick in your ass while you are doing it.

This is like watching a bunch of obamas burn down Furguson. You just have to let them do it. Otherwise you must be a racist.

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