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Online Dating - Answers to important questions about the search for love

Sometimes I just like to come up with what I think sounds like an interesting title for a thought that just pops into my head and then see if I can riff on it.

I am an excellent conversationalist. I talk to myself a lot. The best conversations I have are with myself.

I have to swipe through about 100 online profiles before I find one or two good ones. And even out of those, sometimes, those are only the ones I would choose out of that hundred.

So when I come across a good one, one I really like, I feel that I need to make some sort of grand introduction. I can't be sure if it works. I don't think it does. What the hell are you supposed to say? Well, I have contacted a couple/few 'profile holders' who say they like to have these great deep conversations in their profiles, but then they have nothing to say at all in chat.

Here is one that I sent to a very lovely lady:

The pressure of the first message is enormous. One overly sarcastic remark or bad joke and you can block me forever. When people warned me about how bad these dating sites really are I though they were exaggerating. It is even worse than I imagined. The hours spent sifting through terrible profiles have all been worth it now that I have received your 'like.' But you must receive 100 of these every day.

side note: all of my messages are original. I do not use any 'canned' introductions, pickup lines or repeat any of them whatsoever. This can be daunting, but it is good practice because they don't think that any of you ever actually read their profiles. And some of them don't read yours either but it is usually the other way around. Pay attention to what they say. Actually listening is 8.5/10 of the way to success. They don't care what you say at all. Unless you say something wrong. Shut up and listen. Dead air is your fault though. This only happens to people who are totally uninteresting. Women never shut up when they are around me. I love it.

You smile at the right times and nod your head, remember the important keywords like some specific verbiage they use and make sure you repeat it back to them at some point so that they know you are listening. If you do it right, they will say, "exactly," and then they will tell you what a great listener you are. And if they really are interesting, you won't have to try.

(intro from above) This one worked. I always get excited when I get one who is significantly better than I what I think I can get. This has happened to me a few times. I can't tell if they like me more than most other women in their category, or if I think that they are just hotter than they really are. I have been told that at times I can have a very unique attraction to certain women for some reason. Certain women also click very much with me.

For example, sometimes a friend will say to me, "Really? That one? I don't think she's that hot, but whatever you say." And the odd thing is that I think that I am more selective than most guys. So normally my sentiment would be the the exact opposite of that scenario, only I would never offer my opinion like that to a friend. Or at least not that opinion.

I have advice for you ladies; if that is supposed to be a polite brush off (the totally unenthusiastic message response), just don't respond. I think some of them think that they are being polite by responding, but I get it if you accidentally clicked 'like.' I have done it before. I get it. But, if a guy finally sends you a message and then gets a brush off response, I'm out.

What my generation calls persistence, the current generation calls harassment. Plus, I don't like to play games like that, especially right off the bat and especially online. It is a horrible medium for most people to try and communicate anyway, but then they do and there is just no vibe in a message chat.

I have watched people text message. They rarely say anything important. Sometimes women just like to know that you are thinking about them. I also believe that whenever they send you a text message it is because they want to be receiving a text message from you. These are all things that you learn just by observing their behavior. Women will never tell you what they want. They want you to figure it out so that they don't have to feel vulnerable if they do come right out and say something and then get rejected. Women are funny like that. They don't mind rejecting a guy every which way to Sunday, but they do not like it at all when you say the word, 'no.' Oh well.

I think, for sure, that this is also a product of the current generation's attitude in general. It seems like these days, some women, and almost all younger girls are fucking mean. I think that people in general are just angrier these days, especially young people. I am not even talking about the general rejection. That I have no problem with. It is like sales. It is a numbers game. If you keep plugging away, you are going to hit your goal, repeatedly.

With some of these women, I don't even know what to think. I'm a good-looking guy. I am smarter than the average bear and certainly more interesting. And interesting women like me. I don't go after the easy ones. I go for the ones at least on the upper part of my level and above. Not too far above, but there is an acceptable deviation that is allowable based on a variance in a certain skill-set.

That is all I have for now. Good luck out there.

Oh yea, and sorry, but no Asians until the #Coronavirus GLOBAL PANDEMIC is brought under control. No Asians ever really.

I thought about throwing in some mild racism for humor; How's this?

I won't go out with you unless you have at least three black friends.

I'm just kidding, I hate black people.

Oh my god, what just happened?

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