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Newton's First Law of Physics vs. The Economy

Stacey Abrams taught us that you don't actually have to win an election if you can just bring the entire system to a grinding halt. COVID19 stops the unstoppable force that is (was) MAGA. Google 'new Americans' and you will see that we have been replaced. The highly disturbing overt discrimination against this country and its people during this hostile takeover by the Left is happening faster than we the people can handle.

The founding fathers were very aware of the idea of 'the tyranny of the people.'

People migrate to the USA because they desire our way of life. When they do not assimilate, they destroy it because they bring their values with them and put their own before ours. This is why we can't have nice things while Democrats exist. Too late now.

Upper, middle, lower class - the ground floor of a building is the lower class, middle class is the 1st floor above it and the upper class is the next floor above that. The Dems tricked their constituency into thinking that cutting the leg off at the knee of the upper class (Right) will bring everything down to their level. However, they did not plan on the realization that those people they feel inferior to will 1) fall through the ceiling of the middle class, and then through the floor bringing the middle class with them on the way down to the ground floor... and THEN make everyone equal. Read that last sentence again because the Dems only planned on 'everyone is equal' so long as only the people above them would get screwed over. could continue to feel superior to the people below them thinking that screwing over the people above them would not have other cause and effect consequences.

Be careful what you wish for.

They finally got their wish - everyone is equal. Equally fucked.

The Left is easily manipulated because they possess feelings of inferiority. They use the lower class to advance their narrative, thinking that they will continue to feel superior to those beneath them (the lower class) but when you destroy free enterprise and the traditional American values backed by capitalism, you take away free will and autonomy which is what you have now.

Social Distancing is not a scientific approach to anything. I went to Walmart yesterday 4/6/2020 - you have to stand in line, 6 feet apart while they limit the number of people who can go into the store at any one time. Nobody is wiping down self-checkout kiosks... Nobody is wiping down shopping carts... It is nothing more than the illusion that precautions are being taken when in reality this entire bullshit charade is an exercise in controlling behavior. AND, they have one main exit closed. WHY? What if there is a fire or something?

I am watching people get really really pissed off (and I am one of them) because everybody around me is acting like a jackass, because everyone has their own OPINION about 1) WHAT IS ACTUALLY GOING ON and 2) WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT.

No effort has been made to report anything legitimately. The MSM is running stories about people who think they have Coronavirus and have not been tested...

The narrative is truth and the real-life destruction of a government and an economy is playing out before our eyes.

This is Brett Kavanaugh, Russian collusion, impeachment hearings, etc. all rolled into one. This is Trump vs. The World. This is gaslighting on a massive scale. This is globalism. This is tyranny and we all watched while our elected officials did nothing to stop it.

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