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News Babes - Katie Pavlich vs. Lisa Boothe - 17GEN4 Exclusive

Updated: May 1

Katie Pavlich and Lisa Boothe. Two news beauties. How do they compare?

Katie is a master of nuanced delivery. She is perfectly pointed when critical and she uses just the right amount of flattering sarcasm. She refrains from crossing the line to smug. She's bold and serious. She likes guns. Strong tempo control and planned delivery. I like that. She sounds like she knows what she is talking about because she does. Her voice comes across in her writing. I recently came across a title on 'Kamala Harris Was Asked Whether She Will Visit the Border. She Loudly Laughed.' And I laughed when I read that title. Katie Pavlich could run for office some day. Or, just be the best news babe of all time.

Lisa is like Katie's surfer-sister. You can shoot guns with Katie, but you could probably smoke a joint with Lisa. That is probably not true, but it helps me describe how her style appears to me. This is good for Fox News. They both are. Lisa seems excited when she is talking about a news story and that makes me excited. Enthusiasm plus knowledge is good. They are both versed in their acumen. They both like dogs. It has to be a tie. I can't decide, but the nation depends on it. This is probably more interesting than anything at The Washington Post lately.


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