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Black Jokes for Freedom - Explained

Updated: May 1

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Freedom isn't free people. We need to remind the Left that we have freedom of speech in this country. Decriminalizing crime along with Criminalization of free speech by identity politicians is how the Democrats advanced their narrative of socialism to the point where it is today.

The Dems achieved all of the chaos and destruction you see before us by doing just one thing - taking away your right to free speech and making it illegal to criticize them.

One black joke a day to save the Constitutional Republic of the United States is not a lot to ask. It is time that we remind these people who gave them their freedom in the first place.

They take a beautiful statue and rip it down and then they paint graffiti on the street and call that art. Not on my watch.

We are telling black jokes for freedom. This is an excellent way to exercise freedom of non-violent protest. We use words instead of clubs and spray paint. And if you don't like it you are free to leave.


Bitchute rejected this video TWICE - It contains no bad language or racist content of any kind.

They let me upload a video of me telling a black joke, here:

#1 BLACK JOKES FOR FREEDOM - but not an explanation of why I am telling black jokes.

My strategy to engage the cancel culture is to flood the market with black jokes.

This is an exercise in peaceful resistance and is for the preservation of our constitutional republic.

Please contribute to preserve your first amendment rights.

Thank you,

#RAZE #17GEN4 #2020Revolution #Revolution2020

There is an actual strategy to this if you think about it.

The Left is constantly throwing a bunch of made up crap at us and saying, "deal with this, how do you respond to this accusation (that is totally unfounded)?"

It has been my observation that to 'cancel' most Left-wing grievances, you only need to ask them a follow up question. Many of them have no idea what they are doing or saying. They have never even thought about it. They just repeat things like parrots. When you ask them to explain themselves they cannot do it.

The Left is shocked when you do to them what they constantly do to us. It is a simple concept. It is called revenge and it is very important to get revenge. Every day I am moving closer and closer to my base which is to reject those good Christian Conservatives who are totally FOS and DO NOTHING. They have no courage of their convictions and are just a bunch of virtue signaling sheep.

Whether you like it or not, this is the dynamic that the Left has created -

You have two choices:

1. Stand your ground WHERE YOU ARE (in their crosshairs) and become a martyr

Because to be a good Christian Conservative is TO DO NOTHING. They smear you, you throw your hands up in the air and say, "Oh well, they get to do that to you." And be judged by your peers based n how you respond to the evil things that are done to you. The same group of virtue signaling assholes who don;t judge the people doing the evil things in the first place.

2. If you don't stand you ground, you have to move. Your two choices are: move Left (where you have succumbed to them) or move further to the Right...

This is similar to the Salem Witch Trials. White Fragility and critical race theory are being taught in schools now. Last year we thought that mandatory LGBTQ history in schools was bad. Now, teaching white kids that they are bad is part of the mandatory curriculum.


If you value freedom of speech you need to start teaching your kids black jokes immediately.

It is incumbent upon every American to exercise your freedom of speech because it is a use it or lose it situation.

What better way to teach kids about culture and history than to explain to them how far we have come with race relations in this country and about the dangers of electing a black president which was hopefully a one time mistake.

Black joke a day to save the constitutional republic

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