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My open letter to AZ Central @azcentral

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

If the hack contributors over at AZ Central put half as much effort into the (opinion) pieces they write as they put into defending the garbage they publish using fake twitter accounts to troll their detractors, their numbers would be going up instead of down.

They do not care and here is why: these are instruments, vehicles, whatever you want to call them; they are propaganda tools controlled by the Left. How do I know this? Any normal business is concerned with producing a quality product in order to generate the revenue, the obligatory financials required to maintain the operation. Why would any entity produce a product that undermines this universal financial requirement of a revenue generating entity in order to sustain the operation? They must be funded by some other source or not concerned with revenue. How is this possible?

Listen, I bust your balls over there every day for free on Twitter and apparently people 'like' what I have to say and I know this because my tweets, let's shall we say... provoke an emotional response.

I propose this:

C'mon buttigieg, put your mask where your mouth is. BTW, it does not bother me one bit if you are a homosexual. I honestly don't care.

Or, I could just do it from here and see how much traffic I can drive to my own page. You are here right now, right?

And that way you don't have to use fake twitter accounts to post your snarky rebuttals. This will force you to be a professional and will improve your skills.

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