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My new resume cover letter for 2020

I just updated my cover letter on Indeed

I am seeking employment with a company that does not comply with woke bullshit. I refuse to comply with idiotic mask mandates. I will never accept the domestic terror organization called Black Lives Matter.

My expertise and experience in the field outlined on my resume render me incapable of putting up with certain types of bullshit for extended periods of time. I will not work for a company that makes me use weird gender pronouns. And I prefer to not know the gender orientation of my coworkers. It will make it that much more awkward when I have to tell off a coworker of a minority privileged status.

I will not work for a company with too many black people. How's that? Because I know that I am going to be the one who ends up doing all of their goddamned work. 13% I used to have black friends until Black Lives Matter came along and now I don't. They don't exactly bring people together as much as they seek a synergy with the minority population as a whole which is almost half the United States now and as Tim Kaine said, "White people will be the minority soon and that is a good thing." White guy said this running for VP to Hillary Clinton. That guy did not do her any favors, but they picked him.

I prefer to never have to speak to another human. I understand that it is sometimes necessary. If I do have to speak with someone though, I prefer they be a card carrying Republican. As in, voter ID CARD. This is the new membership only card as far as I am concerned and I think that the Dems literally made it OK to discriminate against people based on their political affiliation. Yes, they did.

It won't be too long before that backfires on them, and the death of RBG

and her replacement is the reminder of the Dems scorched earth short-sighted mentality when it comes to their own decision making.

Back to the job. Don't contact me if you can't afford me. I do not accept the new normal. I can probably produce the same output as five of your regular employees.

I won't work for a company that makes me download a fucking app. I am tired of being monitored. Stop hiring shitty people and then you won't have to monitor them.

I will not attend company Christmas parties or corporate outings.

Please find my attached resume. I know I sound interesting, but think carefully before contacting me.

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