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My manager the sociopath

My manager gaslights me. My manager acts like a 2-year-old. My manager causes conflict and is responsible for infighting among employees. My manager is very unprofessional. My manager is very unproductive and wastes a lot of time. My manager purposely tells me to do the wrong thing and then stands back and says, “Look at this idiot. He’s doing it wrong,” making me appear to be incompetent. My manager frequently engages in misdirection by telling me to do something incorrectly, then blames it on someone else, tells that personIblamed it on him and pits employees against each other. For the grand finale; after I put up with all of his bullshit and never once react negatively or appear agitated in any way, he goes to his boss, therealboss (because it is only mid-level management douche bags that ever get away with this shit – being a ‘BRYCE,’ for any extended period of time) and then he says that I am “upset” with him for some minor bullshit that does not even hold a candle to anything that he has done. BUT,then, that minor insignificant thingbecomesthe straw that broke the camel’s back. REMEMBER – YOU DIDN’T REACT and controlled yourself but now that this asshole feels as if he has sufficiently pissed you off so much that you will…. Because, now, how are you NOT going to react to false criticism that “you reacted” when you bit your tongue and said nothing?

Do you have one of these people working at your office? I do. They don’t teach you about this in business school.

There are many mangers like this in many companies all across the country. The reason that I wrote this article is to help people like you. It is very difficult to explain this. It is very difficult to articulate the behavior of manager who is a sociopath who is trying to undermine your hard work. I wrote this so that you can forward this article, or just copy and paste the parts of it that you choose and send it over to your HR manager.

On a side note: this is exactly what the ‘race floppers’ do. ‘People of color’ a la Jussie Smollett get caught in their fake hate crime hoax and then say, ‘I am being threatened by white supremacists.’ Which is ironic because… Then the Jussie Smollett prosecutor who let him off, Kim Foxx in Chicago, DOES THE SAME THING WHEN THEY CALL HER OUT DURING A PROTEST OUTSIDE HER BUILDING. “I am afraid because there were white supremacists protesting outside my office.” Translation: I am going to try and cover up my misdeeds that you called me out on by saying that you threatened me and now I am afraid of you.” This is a long side note. Larry Elder on what he calls the ‘economics of racism’ – “When the demand exceeds the supply, you have to make up fake hate crimes where none exist.” This is what ‘Bryce’ does. He TRIES to piss you off over and over and over again and then even if you play it cool and don’t react, he lies and says you did and now YOU ATTACKED HIM for some bullshit reason. Get it? This is how he then creates the impression that you over-reacted. He falsely attributes a negative reaction by you (that did not happen) and then makes up a false reason for the false negative reaction. Fantastic. Now, how how the hell are you supposed to explain this.

But he did bring you to the boiling point by repeatedly doing all of the things mentioned above. NOW, HOW DO YOU NOT REACT? AND NOW HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO EXPLAIN THIS TO THE ACTUAL BOSS WITHOUT SOUNDING LIKE A LUNATIC? This is very difficult to articulate. Especially now since he is accusing YOU of being a bitch when it is literally HIM that is acting like a bitch. Seriously, there is always a bit of latent homosexuality that is present with people like BRYCE. Bryce then adds the icing to the cake by saying things like, “Do you ever get the feeling that someone is just fucking with you?” and then repeatedly make bizarre random awkward remarks about how he is not a liar.

Do you have a ‘one of these people' working at your office? I do.

And this is not the first time that I have been confronted with the feelings of inadequacy and insecurity of a mid-level manager with no actual accountability related to his position, but with just enough power of authority create apathy among the accountable, hard-working and ambitious employees underneath him that he fears may take his job if he is ever found out to to be the fraud that he is.

The GUY in your office created the chaos, but then demonstrates how only he can control the circus by putting out the fires that he started.

The last GUY that I worked for was, again, some mid-level management douche bag making barely over minimum wage working in a warehouse who was basically just an overpaid babysitter. That ‘guy’ got fired from his previous job as a TSA screener for, guess what? Feeling up the passengers.

This is the perfect example of what I am talking about with the ‘guy’ working in your office. How do you get fired from your job as a TSA screener for ‘feeling up’ the passengers when it is your job TO FEEL UP THE PASSENGERS?! Very difficult to articulate how this could possibly happen. 'Guy’ knows this and that is why he gets away with it.

What ends up happening is that A LOT of passengers just basically start to have complaints about this one guy and eventually, even if they cannot exactly articulate what it is that this guy is doing, it is obvious that he is doing something that is causing a lot of people to be really pissed off at him.

Angry closeted buttigieg. This is Leftism in action.

There is a book about people like 'guy' called ‘The Sociopath Next Door‘ by Martha Stout. Sociopaths are lazy and often hold middle management gatekeeper type positions where they have no real significant responsibility for anything but have control or seemingly low levels of power over large numbers of people.

All large companies have had several managers like him working in their organizations whether they realize it or not. These lone individuals are responsible for waste that often exponentially exceeds their salary by sabotaging otherwise ‘good’ employees that he sees as a threat or just because he is bored by the fact that there is simply not enough for him to do so uses his time orchestrating these charades often attempting to negatively affect productive employees to make his friend the loser in the office (or the girl he is banging in the office) feel better about their mediocrity.

He ‘mirrors’ people and pretends to be their friend so that they confide in him enough to expose personal information about their lives which he will then later use to craft lies about that person and manipulate the perception of that person throughout the office.

Oh, you want to come in here with a smile on your face and a positive attitude and a strong work ethic? Watch me put a stop to that. What? You think you are better than everybody else? Watch me make you hate your job. Why? Probably because I am a miserable piece of shit and I had to do a lot of buttigieg to get here and we cannot have meritocracy destroying the imaginary value that I built for myself by creating the false appearance that I am actually doing something.

I would LOOOOVE to hear your comments below and be sure to go ahead and use the name of the 'guy' that works in your office if you dare. I wrote this article because these guys are everywhere and it is very difficult to articulate what these sociopaths are doing to you without sounding like a crazy person when you approach the real manager in your office or an HR professional. Your complaints often sound petty and even “made up” if you cannot provide any specific examples including dates and times. I use the notepad on my phone and include dates and times of the incidents that occur.



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