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Message to the GOP - 'Trump, or go Home'

You know that you are in a really fucked up environment when everything feels like the interns are running the show. That is the government, major news networks, law enforcement agencies and the complete disregard for our former 2019 way of life.

They are making 2019 look good right now. I don't care if Matt Gaetz fucked a goat at this point. There is nothing that the Republican Party can do to stop anything bad from happening. And they are certainly not doing anything to solve any of the current problems. Or 'slow' them, which is what they claim to be doing right now.

The Left wing constituents in this country don't know how to vote. They don't know how to get ID. They don't know how to function in a reality where your dissatisfaction with the universe is not an inalienable right to defend. I should have been on a debate team.

I told many people I polled during the 'Trump 2020 Campaign' that I have not met the Leftie yet who could out-debate me. Only when they became idignant. The ugliest of all traits. It is a trait. It is a behavioral trait.

The GOP would have to literally cure cancer right now in order to maintain the appearance that we have a two party system in this country because we do not anymore. We have two competing hemispheres of our former government and the enemy is Leftism.

The Democrat Party wants socialism. I thought this too was an exaggeration. I just thought it would happen more slowly than it did. Trump is like the after party fatigue when you know that there will never be another one like that ever again.

Pathetic I am. Deplorable, they said I was. I have nothing. Trump connected with the people in a way that inspired them to be the best that they could be and now you are a racist. Because that is all there is. Like playing a board game with a child who makes up their own rules as they go along. We laughed and deferred. Now you are here.

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