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Meet the NEW STAR of the Ben Crump show - Pamela Turner - RSVP May 13, 2021 in Texas...

Like all good salesmen, Ben Crump dropped a plug for his new joint after the family of George Floyd finished making their speeches, like they just received a trophy at the BET awards.

Meet Pamela Turner:

The gist of it goes like this: she took a taser from a cop who then shot her.

The story:

The lawsuit alleges the Brixton apartment complex manager harassed and made fun of Turner for her mental health issues. As a result, the suit states, Turner allegedly broke the manager's glasses and, according to court documents, scratched the manager, and was later charged with misdemeanor criminal mischief and assault.

Because Turner failed to appear in court, two arrest warrants were issued for her.

The lawsuit then implies Delacruz, who also worked as a security officer at Brixton Apartments, tried to arrest Turner to help the apartment complex evict her.

Turner would refer to Delacruz as "robocop," according to the suit, and was "terrified" by him because he had previously "threatened to shoot" her.

It says Turner received an eviction notice on May 13.

"On the same date, at around 10:40 PM, De la Cruz just happened to be ‘patrolling' the parking lot of The Brixton Apartments, near Turner's apartment building, when Turner arrived home," it reads.

You can read the full article here

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