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Meet Chicago's Hair Hat Mafia: Lightfoot, Foxx, Stratton, Van Pelt, Underwood

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

When you think that the bar cannot possibly go any lower and decide that it is a good time to let an identity/identitarian politician take over - like giving a teenage kid and old messed up car instead of a shiny clean Republican city - the black women who made their privileged minority status their political platform will always find a way to lower that bar. This is why you only see them running shitty cities.

Black Illinois Lt. Governor Juliana Stratton didn't even have enough class or respect for the office to have someone else buy her weed for her on opening day for recreational marijuana in Chicago. Black people have no concern for optics, which is a problem because all of politics is optics. They are hood rats in bad suits and I am getting tired of anyone who does not have a problem with the fact that people who are generally known for not having any regard for the law are now making laws.

The first example is the prosecutor Kim Foxx who not only only makes up laws - which is not her job by the way - she completely disregards the ones she is supposed to be enforcing. Certainly not the only prosecutor in Illinois to just 'make up' laws but also subvert law and justice. Hair hat mafia.

TONI PRECKWINKLE - Chaos in Preckwinkle’s Hyde Park condo: neighbors say she ignored their concerns

DOROTHY BROWN - Feds disclose probe of Dorothy Brown's office with indictment

The open favoritism and flat out fraud of Patricia Van Pelt and the scandal that was completely ignored: she was voting on legislation for marijuana legalization and then, allegedly - this is the part where it is also a crime to NOT charge somebody with a serious crime because they are black - sold tickets to some kind of investment seminar appearing to profit from giving advice to investors...

And the fake nurse Lauren Underwood in Illinois 14th Congressional District who lied about being a nurse. She was never licensed to practice anywhere. She committed voter fraud in the 2016 election. There is an article confirming that. Again, it is also a crime to NOT charge somebody with a serious crime....

...and that was in the same county where the white mayor of Joliet, IL got to beat the shit out of a black guy and NOTHING HAPPENED! The black guy didn't get charged. But neither did the mayor. Again, a crime is also when you DO NOT charge people with crimes and the prosecutors are solely responsible for the favorability of your environment. So if you had a hair salon that went out of business in that county - thank the same prosecutor for his previous dirty deeds that your business shut down while the ones in red states are going to survive.

That is the corrupt city that you voted for and you benefited from and now that same injustice is applied to you. That is the a picture of the complete cycle of corruption. In the end they use it against you and not they are. I am glad that it happened to you Illinois. I hope that entire state burns to the ground.

So when the 2 foot tall classless black self-proclaimed 'triple threat' is chosen to run the city of Chicago with her rumpled little suit and that brillo pad head - she looks like a cigarette butt with that ashy head of hers - it is only fitting that she stomps her foot like a child and storms out of press conferences at the sound of Donald Trump's name and only takes friendly questions from the press and fines white people for operating their businesses while rewarding businesses on the South and West sides. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Epitomizes the Failure of Black Women in Leadership roles.

I wrote this in response to her tweets regard the first 2020 Presidential debate:


BitChute Video:

The picture I am talking about is in this article which is also about #Chicago by the way.

Soros Groomed Black High School Kids to Cultivate Identitarian Politicians


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