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Matt Gaetz extortion story - This will be the leading story on EVERY channel tomorrow

Tucker: “One of the most weird interviews I ever conducted."This is what happens when you don't take care of 'Brett Kavanaugh.' You have another 'Brett Kavanaugh' Broken windows theory for politicians.

Tucker, “One of the most weird interviews I ever conducted.”

Apparently, to summarize A VERY complicated story - A guy named McGee (I swear) a former DOJ official, tried to extort money from Gaetz while Gaetz was wearing a wire… then, they (McGee) pulled the plug on the scheme the day of or day before the money exchange (when Gaetz could have incriminated him by obtaining proof via the wire). Then, the NYT just hit him with a straight up smear job in - ‘Matt Gaetz Under Investigation for Possible Sex Trafficking.’

A former DOJ official made an accusation.... There is no victim There is no police report There is no evidence of wrongdoing Why is there an investigation?

This is what happens when you do not take care of Brett Kavanaugh. Gaetz is one of the few members of the GOP that Republicans still actually like. THAT is why they are doing it to him. He is as pure as Brett Kavanaugh. I hope he saved his calendars.

Another interesting part of all this is the switcheroo - they had this coordinated with the NYT ahead of time. They must have. This is the weaponization of the NYT in plain sight for all to see. This is the anatomy of a smear job - the Brett Kavanaugh treatment.

NYT Article -


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