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Many black people are not prepared for leadership roles and they keep demonstrating this

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

“We need more black people in leadership...” Like in Seattle? Like in Chicago? Like in Baltimore? Minneapolis? Guess what they are all doing there right now in cities full of black leaders? They are burning them down and leadership is not stopping them. Is that what you want?

Feels more like a threat to me. Either way, city gets burned to the ground.

Short Video Phoenix Protest

Black Lives Matter protesters say Seattle’s autonomous zone has hijacked message

This is by far one of my favorite #BlackLivesMatter jags since they basically hijacked every audience and crowd for years on end. Even from the people and other groups who supported them. Bernie Sanders rallies, Gay Pride parades, anybody with audience. We are dealing with mostly mentally handicapped people when we see them doing things they then accuse others of doing. This is a mental illness and is also #Gaslighting when carried out consciously. This is one of the ways that the Left has weaponized stupidity. Nobody with a normally healthy functioning brain can process the garbage that emanates from these groups.

Inability to recognize blatant hypocrisy is a common marker of Leftists and people who do not understand the idea of cause and effect and cannot process their own actions.

You have to slow everything down to their level, which is really really slow, and then after you dumb it down for them, you have to hand over what you built, watch them wreck it and then blame you for its demise and then rebuild it at white people's expense. Obama did this for 8 years from the highest office in the nation.

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