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If you just teach people manners, you will not have to make them be tolerant of anything. We have reduced simple communication to overwhelming stereotypes that teach people to judge others based on how they look as a basis for communication. It is the tower of babel for acceptance.

But assimilation to 'Traditional American Culture' could be construed as some sort of 'hostile takeover' after an unarmed white woman who served our military was killed in cold blood while unarmed and peacefully protesting at 'The People's House.' And I will just state that - you go in through the front door and you behave yourselves. Not like she 'allegedly' entered - but again, her behavior...

I already did 'judge' you based on the way you act and where you are from and most importantly - how you act. BLM is not 'winning any hearts and minds' as they used to tell us we needed to do.

There are not enough people working in the mail room and too many eyeing corporate positions to officially split this economy in half. Good for you. Not so good for me.

Use the color of my skin as the excuse to terminate me. Or at the very least restrict my employment. Because everything that you are doing to me is what you 'imagined' I was doing to you.


I once let a guy who was a friend of mine move in with me for about 3.5 months. This guy was facing a series of unfortunate circumstances. I worked with the guy and so I knew he had a job and I would make sure that he got there each day. The guy just happened to be black.

I didn't help the guy because he was black. I helped the guy because he was my friend.


I also seem to remember a guy named Colin Flaherty who also did something very nice for a black man, only what Colin did was much better than what I did. Through his journalistic investigative reporting, he got a wrongly convicted black man out of jail for killing his white girlfriend because he was wrongly prosecuted.

Colin was an NPR darling for a minute. Then he was deplatformed from social media and financially because of an Amazon best selling book called 'Don't Make The Black Kids Angry.'

You just have to completely ignore the overwhelming correlation between the ignorance with regard to race and criminality and anything that 'stereotypes' them based on why they landed there.

Colin painted a mosaic. He cannot even sell t-shirts after what they did to him for reporting the news.

Brett Kavanaugh? They did it to a Supreme Court Justice - they can do it to you.

're-learning' ' re-education' 'Build Back Better' requires that it be completely destroyed first.

I do not know what 'The Great Reset' means. But I have a pretty good idea and I know that it is coming.

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