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Lori Lightfoot Mayor of Chicago (I call her Larry)

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

To quote Gretchen Weiners from Mean Girls, "I don't want to be punished for being liked."

I am constantly punished. Because I am insanely intelligent. Because I am devastatingly handsome. etc. And now I am going to be punished for telling the truth.

There are a lot of good life lessons to be learned from Mean Girls. One of them is that Cady Heron should have just stayed in Africa.

The retarded clown show that has become the city of Chicago has taken a turn for which there is no reconciliation. If you live in Chicago right now, you are in the middle of an Orwellian experiment that has been allowed to take place because at some point during the Obama administration it became illegal to criticize black people. Or worse, hold them accountable for anything that they do. This is why the Left uses them to advance their narrative. Islamic terrorists, in their own countries, set up camp right outside of schools because they know we won't drop a bomb on a school. Deference.

They fuck up, and it is because you are a racist.

Dems obstruct and dismantle. They do not build or create things for good. They create an environment where a problem will develop and then when their little problem starts a fire, like when a magnifying glass hits a dry leaf, they distract you from the first fire by starting a bigger fire somewhere else. The first fire is not really hidden, it is just not covered by the news media in Chicago. There are a lot of little fires that were never put out. The entire city is on fire and the worst part about it is that everyone has tolerated the gross incompetence that has permeated every aspect of our society and now we are here.

This virus is being used to transfer the country from a constitutional republic to socialism.

A straw broke this camel's back a while ago. Yesterday (4/20/2020), I happened to just come across a live Twitter stream of Lightfoot giving a town hall style meeting where she basically said that the coronavirus is a symbol of the inequity and some other blather about why it is racist (a virus that is racist) and then talked about the disproportionate effects on the black community.

It is literally because they do not practice good hygiene.

But phrases like; wash your fucking hands, and do what the police officer tells you to do and you won't get shot, just don't resonate with some people.

My case for being a #perniciousbastard is both obvious and justified. For it is deference that got us here. The Greek Debt Crisis and its destruction of the Euro was caused by world leaders being polite when Greece should have been turned away at the beginning. This American Life did a piece on it. Radiolab did a piece about how a champion Northwestern debate team 'lost' to a bunch of inner city kids who just gaslighted an entire academic department in what was once a highly respected educational institution on the basis of 'social justice.'

We have seen people with the letters 'Dr.' in front of their names say things are totally incorrect and why are they never held accountable?

There is a narrative that is being perpetuated about the city of Chicago, and other (possibly all) deep blue cities that is in stark contrast to what the residents who live there can see with their very own eyes. Who are you going to believe? The black lesbian mayor or your lyin' eyes?

Just today I had the pleasure of receiving a message from a very lovely, very educated young lady through an online dating porthole who said she liked liked my profile and asked me what I meant when I described the difference between democrat men and men who identify with the political Right. From my profile, which can be seen in it's entirety here:

Ironically, people who identify with the political Right usually possess the characteristics you say you want in a man, when the men on the political Left - Democrat 'men' possess none of these qualities.

I responded: the simple answer is personal accountability. If you blame society instead of the individual you will always be on the Left. There is more in here which is also relevant, but I don't know how long I want this piece to be.

The prosecutor in the city of Chicago, Kim Foxx (famous for making Jussie Smollett a household name - I guess he succeeded there) is more worried about letting people out of jail than putting them in there. The mayor, Lori Lightfoot (I call her Larry), hates cops. And the former police Chief Supt. Eddie Johnson got caught, allegedly, banging two women on his security detail and the jig was up when he later got caught with one at a bar in public and then getting a blow job from another one in his police cruiser. Smoov

Rahm Emanuel said to never let a good crisis go to waste. Normalized violence, chaos and a general sense of lawlessness are already the new normal in Chicago. The people have been taxed to death and the new incoming Police Chief Supt. is already coming in under a bogus reduction in crime stats from Dallas that were completely debunked less than 24 hours after it was announced that he would be coming to Chicago.

Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot is scared to death because she got this job based entirely on identity politics. George Soros threw $400K at the campaign of Kim Foxx because he knew she would fuck up. This is not even good bullshit. This is just flat out right in the open, they don't even care that the perception is bullshit. I read the comments people are writing below online news articles in Chicago. You have two groups of people out there. And as usual, you know which group is wearing the masks.

Leaked Recordings Reveal Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Firmly in Charge and City Alderman Left Largely on the Sidelines

To those of you parroting what an amazing job Larry is doing as the mayor of Chicago, I challenge you to name 3 good and or positive things that she has done...

Also, for the bonus round, name 3 things - good or positive things - that Obama has done.

I keep hearing these people say we love you mayor Lightfoot (Larry) you are doing a great job over nothing.

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