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Leftism - The Equalization of Net Worth - Segregation

- Is society moving back toward segregation?

To address the question asked in the title of this post - 'Is society moving back to segregation?'

Maybe where we went wrong as a society was to be inclusive in the first place. The great American Experiment has failed.

Lack of assimilation with traditional American values - diversity - is the killer of everything that makes America great.

Assimilation with traditional American values makes no mention of color.

Conservatism and capitalism are foreign concepts to immigrants from ALL other places in the world where these concepts and ideas do not exist. Therefore, when they bring their cultures and values with them it dilutes the building blocks from which this greatness we all enjoy AND SHARE has been produced.

Compare an economy to a healthy ecosystem in nature:

An animal eats the fruit of a tree. The animal produces waste that fertilizes and promotes the growth of more trees and the recycling of energy produces a cause and effect relationship with the life cycle of the system of survival in nature.

Species of birds go extinct all the time.

Was the mistake in America to be inclusive? If you make something that is designed for consumption by the general public and you allow for a social construct to declare that your exceptionalism is privileged (the subject some philosophical malfeasance) and racist simply because you are better than your competitors and you then allow the hostile takeover of Leftist ideology to seize your assets through the social constructs of incurring waste to dilute your asset - such as affirmative action - in essence you are incrementally diluting the value of that asset as you are forced to incur 'waste' or other net-negative factors such as affirmative action.

Leftist ideology and the halving: The Left states that they get to keep all of what belongs to them and take half of what belongs to you until the equalization of net worth has been achieved. I have written extensively on my original hypothesis that states: The goal of Leftism is the equalization of net worth.


This is a continuation of a response to a response about a previous article -

Google will promote black owned businesses - affirmative action in advertising

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