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Leftism - Destroy everything and then rebuild it in the image of socialism

Here is what I do know: The Left is trying to destroy EVERYTHING and then rebuild it in their image. They talk about "racism" in perpetuity while they are the ones who are racist and they are the ones actually doing what they accuse us of doing. The anti-white sentiment is stronger than ever and a bunch of black people in govt have been used to propagate the narrative that advances the socialist agenda. THIS IS LEFTISM. Ted Kaczynski, aka The Unabomber, warned us all about this 3 decades ago in his manifesto (Industrial Society and Its Future) which is still highly regarded today as an extremely intelligent insightful analysis of how technology would be used against the citizens to advance Leftism and become the ultimate social engineering tool once it was used turned against against the people. NOW YOU ARE HERE. #1984 in #2020.

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