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LEFTISM - Democrat Party ties to Cults and Extreme Beliefs – NXIVM - OPINION

Democrats literally use cult recruitment tactics to manufacture consent of their voter base.

This is how it is possible to brainwash people in a free society using identity politics.

“In the process of understanding our indoctrination, he is slipping in a new indoctrination.” 13:03

There is a video series by A&E called ‘Cults and Extreme Belief’ available for instant viewing for members of Amazon Prime.

Watch Season 1, Episode 1 about NXIVM and note the glaring similarities between identity politics advertised by Democrats toward their constituents. They have trained their voter base to be too short-sighted to care about what comes next. This is how they are able to get them to embrace Socialism.

Episode 1: NXIVM discusses the recruitment tactics used by cults and cult leaders which strongly resembles the ideological narrative of the Left-wing Democrats in the United States of America.

Janja Lalich, PhD. Sociologist and cult expert: “The cult has to break you down. They have to reframe your identity in some way emotionally and psychologically because cults are about conformity and compliance. They have to take you apart and then rebuild you in their image. Every cult is like that in some way. That is part of the indoctrination process.” 13:53

‘Change’ is the best friend of the Left. One victim of the cult describes her initial interest in joining the group this way, “He told us about this group of people who were really changing things. I don’t even remember the specifics of it. I just knew that I wanted to be a part of it.” S1E1 2:58

“The goal is to help people relieve themselves of the patterns and the issues they’ve had their whole life and help them to be a more optimal version of themselves.” 3:32

“I remember feeling like I had been given a book of secrets.” 5:08

Cult leader Keith Raniere was described as a “selfless humanitarian.” 8:14

“In retrospect, Keith does not care about humanity and ethics. We were all pawns for him in his little chess game, especially women.” 10:51

“He is telling us that we need to look at our indoctrination. How we are raised as women is very different than how men are raised. And that indoctrination is disabling for us. And he’s saying, men see women as weak, and we are flaky.” “In the process of understanding our indoctrination, he is slipping in a new indoctrination.” 13:03

Does this sound familiar? YOU ARE A VICTIM AND ONLY I CAN SET YOU FREE.

“I was the person responsible for creating those videos that are online (about the cult). When I looked back at them recently, I was thinking, what is he saying? He’s not saying anything.” 8:35


When you vote for Socialism, this is what you are doing whether you realize it or not. When you give somebody else the power to take care of you, that also means that they make all of the the decisions for you. That means you no longer get to make any decisions for yourself. Once you surrender personal accountability and responsibility you no longer have a choice in the matter.

18:30 – This is unbelievable. This describes the point during the indoctrination process where members are literally asked to manufacture false reputation damaging materials that can be used against them at a later date. Isn’t this exactly what Leftist Democrats do?

20:20 – “She was using my values against me. You need to do this because you committed to this and this is what you need to be the strongest version of yourself.” They justified forced mutilation (branding) as a character building exercise.

24:15 – At this point in the video members describe how they realize that they are involved in human trafficking. These are not dumb people on the surface. They are smart, have (or had) good jobs and were not desperate people.

29:27 – “This is obviously a crisis moment for the organization. And this is a time when a number of people might leave, but those people who stay become even more fervent in their beliefs. That is COGNITIVE DISSONANCE. It’s when reality does not meet your belief system. Nine times out of ten, you are going to retain your thinking with the belief system rather than change your reality because that is the safer way to go.”

34:50 – “A cult’s goal, or cult leader’s goal is to enforce conformity and compliance.”

The brave victims who are coming forward truly have courage because they know that they all look like fools even though they are not.


Read also: Legal papers: NXIVM officials probed finances of 6 federal judges, Senator Schumer, others

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This is unfolding before our very eyes. This is fact. This is not, “What if or what happens when…”

Original post June 23, 2019

Whistleblower tells all, claiming Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Kirsten Gillibrand and other prominent Democrats are involved in human trafficking, sex slavery, and Satanism

Nxivm Elite Sex Cult Had Schumer’s Financial Records and Hillary’s Emails

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