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Leftism and the 'Mathematical Equation' with regard to linguistics

All of the 'social constructs' that are being created by the Left in response to the 'social constructs' that exist result from an imagination of the manipulation of language.

American exceptionalism is called a 'social construct' - A system was built that produced the results we recognize as exceptional.

The idea that 'all men are created equal' is 're-imagined' to mean 'all men deserve things equally.'

The Left has literally changed the perception of reality for some by distorting not only language, but the logical 'linguistic mathematical equation' that supports a common sense narrative summarized by the Occam's Razor principle:

  1. the principle (attributed to William of Occam) that in explaining a thing no more assumptions should be made than are necessary. The principle is often invoked to defend reductionism or nominalism. Here, I googled it for you: OCCAM'S RAZOR

The goal of Leftism is the equalization of net worth. The pursuit of which is first achieved by observing some 'disparity' and then seeking to explain the 'inequality' as some sort of conspiracy by which someone has been deprived of 'inherent right to the outcome of, while ignoring the only REAL objective which is the pursuit of opportunity' to conflate opportunity with outcomes. The resulting 'achievement gap' is due to two main factors - ability to produce and create and ability to navigate through the system.

"I don't have..." and "You are not guaranteed..." The End.

You don't have? Over 99% of the world does not have what they want and most of those who live exceptional lives with regard to financial security still do not have what they want. See?

You ultimate satisfaction with life is not guaranteed.

When you take responsibility and accountability for your actions, you become the sole proprietor of your own brand, which is you.

How saleable you are depends on you. If you did not create any kind of value for yourself, you will not be asked to earn money for your contributions because they are not valued.

It is my personal sentiment that you will no longer 'want' when you are solely limited to what you can 'have' and ultimately innovation and exceptionalism die and apathy rules the day. THAT sounds like a miserable existence.

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