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Leftism 101: Net Worth Equalization – H2E2 Matrix

Date: May 7, 2019Author: RAZE4 Comments

The primary goal of Leftism is net worth equalization. The Left attacks 4 areas of societal commerce: Housing, Health Care, Education and Employment. The H2E2 matrix rewards the most dysfunctional members of society while penalizing people who have played by the rules and generally behave themselves.

In each one of the categories in the H2E2 matrix, the useful dregs of society (the Left has adopted the black community as their favorite useful tool in achieving this objective) are given the four major elements listed above while the rest of us (majority white for the moment) increasingly pay more and are actively discriminated against via affirmative action.

The most striking recent examples of this are 1. The housing crisis; which gave loans to black people who knew they could not afford to pay them back which resulted in tanking the value of the most valued asset of most Americans, their home. 2. The cost of education for paying customers has skyrocketed while the quality has decreased and through affirmative action black people go to college for a much lower out of pocket cost and ‘equal outcomes’ are achieved in academics by equally making everyone incompetent. 3. Obamacare was rolled out by design with the purpose of causing people who pay for health care to experience an astronomical increase in premiums in contrast to people who still do not pay for, but receive better health care. 4. Employers are required by law to adopt affirmative action in hiring practices which are racist by nature because they insist that companies must hire candidates based on criteria other than merit.

“Imagine being fired because of who you love,” the sign says. Imagine being fired because you are a substandard employee and then using your sexual orientation as a basis to launch a false accusation against your employer. The latter is far more despicable.

Leftism is driven, at least in part, by feelings of inferiority. The Left feels inferior to the Right and they want to feel superior to some other group because they are disgusted by the reality of human nature in that all people do not have equal aptitude. There has been an obviously gross distortion of reality as the Left has always accused the Right of doing what they do. The black community at large has been disproportionately privileged as is seen by the H2E2 matrix.

The reality of human nature in the black community is that their is substantial empirical data which reflects a willing defiance to the rule of law and acceptance of the traditional family unit practiced by every other group.

He we can start with the first set of laws which are handed down to you by your parents. It is the absence of a father figure in the lives of young black people that deprives this community of any structure right from the outset.

Lack of structure and direction fuels contempt for all subsequent figures of authority namely teachers and law enforcement officers. The biggest fallacy propagated by the Left is that these people are thrown into a life of crime. Crime is low hanging fruit, high risk and high reward.

Law enforcement is the response to the decision to take the path of least resistance.

This is the point where Leftism has attempted to split the psyche in terms of logic. Occam’s Razor is thrown out the window in favor of the subversive linguistic social engineering via logical fallacies propagated by the likes of Noam Chomsky.

Great men have labored over the ideas of law and justice. Social justice warriors, who have gained entry to their positions mainly as the result of white guilt, bang a gavel like a monkey trying to open a coconut. The Left does not attempt to lift them up and make them comply, but rather drags everything down to their level.

Leftists deem themselves the authority over things that make them feel inferior. Example: you may have a successful business and the Leftist is jealous of your success, so they make a law that will tax you into oblivion or make you hire black people to make you less profitable and therefore have less control over your own success.

Mike Pence put it best when he said the Republicans are trying to make poor people rich while the Democrats are trying to make rich people poor. The primary goal of Leftism is net worth equalization.

The government is the only ‘business’ that can continue to operate at a deficit year after year. When you own your own business, you are in competition with the government over power and control of your own life. In the United States of America you are not free.

The insistence that everyone has equal abilities and therefore equal outcomes could only be the result of some kind of oppression has only highlighted the fact that all people do not inherently have equal abilities.

Crime is decriminalized by people who take positions in government because of identity politics and then discriminate against law abiding citizens as some form of revenge for the imaginary oppression that allowed for them to take the positions that they now hold? This effect of Leftism has in fact proved that these individuals should not be in the positions that they hold because they are obviously incapable of being fair and impartial.

Power is never given, it is taken. Unless, of course, you are on the Right. Then, you just hand it over to the angry mob.

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