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Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Kyle Rittenhouse’s Legal Troubles May Be Far From Over Despite Acquittal, Former Assistant US Attorney Warns_DAILYCALLER

Google censors searches for Kyle Rittenhouse in the same way it bans Adolf Hitler and the Taliban_BLAZE

Kyle Rittenhouse says he supports BLM movement and that his case had 'nothing to with race' as he slams 'prosecutorial misconduct' during his Kenosha trial: Pictured in suit and tie in Florida on eve of interview with Tucker Carlson_DAILYMAIL

Rittenhouse Attorney: ‘I Quit Answering the Phone’ After Inundation of Death Threats_BREITBART

? Rittenhouse: ‘I’m Not a Racist Person — I Support the BLM Movement’_BREITBART

CNN Goes Full Racist: ‘Nothing More Frightening’ than Angry White Men_BREITBART

CBS' 'Face the Nation' continues to claim Rittenhouse crossed state lines 'armed for battle'_FOXNEWS

Reese Witherspoon: A World Where Kyle Rittenhouse Goes Free Isn’t ‘Safe for Any of Us’_BREITBART

Kyle Rittenhouse trial: Judge describes jury instructions as 'very confusing'_FOXNEWS

TUCKER: Kyle Rittenhouse is constitutionally entitled to see all the evidence against him at the trial, and he didn't...

'He did it for votes': Kyle Rittenhouse's mom accuses Biden of defaming her son by calling him a white supremacist, says murder trial judge is 'fair' and that Kyle would do it all again because 'all he's ever wanted to do is help people'_DAILYMAIL

Kyle Rittenhouse trial: November 11, 2021 (via CourtTV)

Kyle Rittenhouse judge eviscerates prosecutor for bringing banned TikTok information before the jury: Defense demands he declare a mistrial that could see Kenosha shooter walk FREE_GATEWAYPUNDIT

*Trigger Warning* Judge’s Phone Goes Off in Rittenhouse Trial – Ringtone is “Proud to be an American” (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Kyle Rittenhouse Breaks Down and Cries on Stand While Describing the Horror of Being Surrounded by Rioters Attempting to Kill Him in Kenosha Last August_GATEWAYPUNDIT


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