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Keep Calm and Don't talk about Election Fraud

Updated: May 29, 2021

Nothing screams "election fraud" quite like trying to sabotage the audit of the 2020 election. I guess we won't talk about audit fraud or census fraud either.

The Gateway Pundit has been doing comprehensive coverage of the audit that is trying to take place n AZ.

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors (MCBOS) is at it again. Silently they have decided not to provide routers to the audit team attempting to audit the county’s 2.1 million votes and machines used in the 2020 Election.

Then there is this from Fox News:

GOP reps question Biden admin on alleged 'political interference' in census, citing departure from estimates

What is it with the political Left and 'following the science' but ignoring that data? Can those two objectives be held simultaneously?

If you have common sense, this is your time to shine. Biden is in the driver's seat. The 'white supremacists' are amazingly calm about all of this. Amazingly tolerant. But what will happen when people realize that the only form of peaceful protest that matters is a free and fair election process? And what will they do when the reality sets in that there really is nothing they can do, except vote - which many Republican voters believe is now a fraudulent process?

But whatever you do, don't talk about it, or the political prisoners being held in D.C. You might end up on a list of some kind. Chances are, you already are.

The Phoenix Police Airplane Flew in a Data Gathering Pattern Near the Coliseum Where the Audit Is Being Held


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