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Kamala Harris' Wikipedia page says she is the first Asian American VP

Updated: Apr 5

Insufferable. It does not make me feel good about myself talking about what an unworthy creature Kamala Harris is for the role of POTUS.

It started with the punch in the face that was election fraud. Then, it was the 50 plus executive orders and the pressing of every self-destruct button that the country has, as we know it. The looming feeling as I watch the rapid decline of Joe Biden right before my eyes and I cannot believe that this is actually happening, Kamala will be worse.

AOC is to Congress what Kamala is to the Presidency. This is a clown show and I will not show my support or even respect to likes of a person who tells me that I am a white supremacist and tells me about 'equity' after stealing an election.

The normalized violence of her friends over at Black Lives Matter, who have become a regular fixture in our society - actively dismantling it, under the protection of The Executive Branch.

Reparations, anti-racist education, 'selective coronavirus lockdowns.' All of these things designed to disrupt your lives. 'Disrupt.' There is that word. It is the birdsong of the winged demon of Leftism.

She doesn't believe in due process folks. There are Trump supporters being rounded up and held without bail for doing little to nothing wrong when they attended the Capitol building on Jan 6th. Trespassing? Not even really a crime in D.C. when a black guy does it. But a black cop shot an unarmed white woman that day and nobody burned anything down afterward.

Slaves have been burning down buildings, cities and farms (their own homes) since the days of George Washington at Mount Vernon. Not much has changed. The 156 years of freedom, it seems, has just been one long 'gap-year' between working toward cooperating with the system or working against it. They call this 'structural racism.' Yea.

Behavior is never part of the equation. You have to eliminate that, which caused the disparity, in order to blame the disparity on something else. Then you get the superhero with all the answers - the identitarian politician. We learned nothing from Obama? Really? Obama produced Trump. The further Left you go, the further Right I go - which is what produced Hitler. This is what he was fighting against - Leftism.

Whether it is cackling like a mental patient in response to a simple question about visiting the border or just acting like a total amateur while dodging ALL of the tough questions, and some not so tough, Kamala Harris will be the biggest joke of a POTUS this country has ever seen.

Kamala Harris would not even be able to handle ONE Trump-era media attack session. Not one.

Obama used Joe Biden as a backstop because Biden can make anybody look good. Hillary tried the same tactic with choosing that moron Tim Kaine as a running mate. Need a weak, pathetic male to make you look strong? Tim Kaine is your guy.

Kamala Harris has a special type of ineptitude that is a combination of a complete lack of decorum, subject knowledge and debate or presentation style. Her whole campaign message was, 'Donald Trump is a racist.' I watched some of her rallies. The ones where 2 or 3 dozen people attended. She had no message and no plan. The sum total of the concerns on the Democrat platform are made up issues that the political Left invented to distract from the fact that they have no winning policies concerning any actual issues.

She claims to be Asian. She lifted a popular story from MLK and 're-imagined' it as her own. 'Feedom' or 'Fweedom.' Couldn't even plagiarize it accurately. But she never has to answer for anything. She has admitted that she does not believe in due process. That would have been interesting to know before she became a prosecutor and a Senator. But we did know that before she became VP. And here she is.

She doesn't salute the military. She lies constantly to the American people. Even the ones who voted for her. 'Kamala Harris comes off as such an insufferable lying bitch. Sorry, it’s just true.' Harlan Hill tweeted during the 2020 VP debate. It was soon after announced that he would not be welcomed back at Fox News. No loss for him.

But piles and piles and piles of bad press about Kamala Harris seem to be all that there is. "We can have that conversation," she would say to avoid talking about subject she brought up. Things so incredulous and untrue that she couldn't even explain them herself. Then there was the famous CNN interview with Jake Tapper when she almost cried because he tried to get her to clarify her position, which could not be reconciled, and basically confronted her with the conflicting portions of her statements and she just lost it.

I could go on, but it is easier to just keep collecting the links to the many articles other people are writing with regard to this matter. They are being printed almost faster than I can read them these days.

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