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Kamala Harris vows to weaponize the justice system against white people

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

If Kyle Rittenhouse did not defend himself and was killed by any one of the assailants who attacked him that day in Kenosha, the justification for killing him would have been self-defense.

Kamala Harris called Jacob Blake a hero. But for Kyle Rittenhouse, defending yourself against an angry mob of vigilantes was labeled ‘vigilante justice’ by the vigilantes in the media. You get blamed for what they do and if you do not let them do it to you and try to defend yourself, under Kamala Harris’ vision for the justice system, you are a criminal.

DAILY MAIL: Kamala Harris says the justice system is not ‘equitable’

To watch such insanely stupid things come out of the mouths of the black VP, The Squad, Cori Bush and other ‘my truthers’ in the media, like Joy Reid, reminds me of the narrative that public schools are teaching your kids when it comes to critical race theory. You are bad and they are good and you must bow down to them. Why? Not because they uphold the law, but because they are in charge now and they are out for revenge for some kind of imaginary perceived injustice, when it is the system they call systemically racist that allowed them to get where they are. When they said they just wanted an equal seat at the table, I told you this would happen. I love to say I told you so.

Before Obama’s first term I was called a racist for saying that all of these people claiming to want an equal seat at the table will flip the table over and view their new found power as an opportunity to ‘take their turn to oppress you’ while clearly they were not oppressed at all. Free housing, free food, begging them to get jobs and go to work as you basically have to hire black people now, illegal immigrants too (in some states) and you are not allowed to fire them no matter what they do or don’t do. You have not been allowed to criticize black people since Obama took office. No matter that you were criticizing the policies of the POTUS. He’s black, so he gets a free pass. Now, you are finding out why it is moronic on a level I barely believe to be real (yet here we are) to put anyone in a position of authority and add the qualifier that you are not allowed to hold that person accountable for anything they do.

Tyranny is power without accountability. We have lost our right to ‘due process’ as was echoed by Joy Reid recently when she mocked the ‘white tears’ of Kyle Rittenhouse while comparing him to Brett Kavanaugh - Another obvious, not at all veiled warning of what transpired when the mob that included Kamala Harris denied a now Supreme Court Justice due process during a hearing that was later admittedly a sham by Christine Blasey-Ford’s lawyer which also makes that entire charade illegal as they denied the whole thing was politically motivated at the time, that which her lawyer later bragged about when she said it was completely motivated by politics. Disbarment for disbarable offenses is apparently one of those things that is also no longer legal. Probably since critical race theory is taught in law school and Soros funded prosecutors now make up a large part of local governments and we all know they do not follow legal procedure (process crimes) because they are incapable of conducting themselves in a professionally required manner in or out of the court room.

But Kamala Harris and the other identitarian politicians - who now make up a substantial portion of not just federal, but local state governments as well - have stolen what is yours once again and this time they did it from the offices of the people who are responsible for making and upholding the laws with which their people have historically had a very complicated relationship.

The criminals are now making and enforcing the laws and just ignoring the ones on the books they they do not agree with whenever the ‘feel’ like it because ‘my truth.’

Kamala Harris called the Jussie Smollett hoax a modern day lynching. Would any reporter dare ask her if she still stands by her statement? Not if she is only taking pre-approved questions from the media. Still, she is unprepared. It is like an open book test and she still will not comply with the question by answering it properly. Didn’t she say something about eating ‘no’ for breakfast? She does what she wants and you can’t do anything about it.

Now that the Democrat Party has put into place a bunch of angry black people, hoping you will become afraid of them, first, because they are black and when that does not work, second, they will make you afraid of being called a racist by them for criticizing them. They accuse you of calling them what they are when you perfectly describe the way they are acting. Holding them accountable (in their minds) is equivalent to calling them the ’n’ word. Criticizing their behavior (because it is all about behavior) is calling them the ’n’ word. Actions used to speak louder than words and now words speak louder than actions even if they are untrue.

Kamala Harris’ statement that there is still a lot of work to be done here is basically echoing the statements by Michelle Obama of “I woke up in a house built by slaves,’ and ‘for the first time in my life I am proud of my country…’ They are ingrates who care nothing about this country or all it has to offer, but want to ‘pretend that they are something’ for a day like the office of POTUS is a make a wish foundation for the massive feelings of inferiority and hatred these people have for themselves and more importantly, the people they claim to represent who are getting ‘free stuff’ from this admin, but who are also being killed at an alarming rate, but that is their culture and that is what they are trying to normalize. Now you are here.

A white person on the defense for self-defense is guilty. This is a clear move to go after gun rights. Which, in my opinion, you have already lost because the 1st and 2nd Amendment are interdependent and when you take away 1A rights, which they already have, there is no longer a need for 2A rights because you have no free speech to defend.



Kamala Harris vows to weaponize the justice system against white people -

Anything black people can’t, won’t or don’t… is being ‘reimagined’ to be more ‘equitable’ which are precursors to ‘Build Back Better’ and ‘The Great Reset.’

Black people have a complicated relationship with the law. Solution: weaponize the justice system and also weaponize the media for reporting it and instead use the media to paint the criminals as victims and the victims as criminals.

Statistically, the black demographic is the lowest performing in academia. Solution: weaponize the educational system by cultivating uselessness while using the classroom as a propaganda tool.

Democrat Party cannot win elections because everything on their platform is either a made up issue or crisis that does not exist or an abject policy failure that simply does not work even in theory. Solution: steal the election and say that the voting system is inequitable or systemically racist.

DAILY MAIL: Kamala Harris says the justice system is not ‘equitable’

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