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Kamala Harris 'predicted' the supply chain crisis or did she just warn us it was going to happen?

Is this just another in the series that goes along with the theme of manufactured crises?

Kamala Harris, who knows nothing about anything, 'predicted' there would be a supply chain crisis due in part to climate change. This is how you know the problem is both manufactured and not true. Everything that uses climate change as an excuse is a made up lie because climate change is a made up lie. Many ancient civilizations had multiple gods to explain various tragedies that they did not understand or could not explain, many of them having to do with weather.

Border control = climate change. Supply chain crisis = climate change. Inequity/Inequality = systemic racism and are also products of the effects of climate change. Interestingly, coronavirus = climate change (and it is racist). Another manufactured crisis and another manufactured hysteria.

Joe Biden was the least likely candidate to be nominated in the 2020 primaries. And Kamala Harris was the least likable candidate in those same primaries. So how did this all come to pass? If you remember, early on, the media trashed Biden. Tara Reade, etc. It has never been more true than it is right now that they control the narrative and the powers that be can control the present which allows them to control the past and ultimately the future.

We have established that Joe Biden seems to be suffering an horrific effect of old age shared by many people - dementia or some other cognitive challenges that make him unfit to hold any office in a leadership role. The irony of the unfounded claims propagated by Dems during all four years of the Trump admin does not escape me. It is part of their playbook to accuse their opponents of doing what they do.

What bothers me most about the MSM are the gaping chasms of topics they do not address, do not cover or the seemingly obvious dots that they do not connect.

The Dems have a way of telling you what they are going to do and then the item they are suggesting manifests itself just by the mere power of suggestion.

The first person to suggest the phony Russia collusion narrative was Hillary Clinton during campaign 2016. It was proven false and proven to have been manufactured and propagated by her associates.

Was toilet paper flying off the shelves again during the Afghanistan crisis when Kamala Harris went to Singapore and told the world that we were on the brink of a supply chain crisis?

And then there is the gaslighting. The most recent notable example involved a school superintendent who claimed he knew nothing about the rape of a student when the record later revealed that he had alerted the school board about the incident in a memo. He lied and said he was not aware of the incident resulting in the father of that child being tackled and forcibly removed when he addressed the matter at a school board meeting.

It turns out that protecting that narrative of climate change and the negative effects that it has on the transgender community found a sacrificial lamb in the young student who was told to give up her right to feel safe inside of a public school for the greater good.

I remember after the #MeToo Brett Kavanaugh travesty that a movement among women everywhere formed that suggested, 'all women must be believed.' This was propagated by many House Dems including presidential hopefuls Kirsten Gillibrand, Corey Booker and our current VP Kamala Harris.

All women must be believed - except for the women who Christine Blasey Ford placed at the party that never existed. Even her friend, Leland Kaiser, said she did not recall the incident. Not a matter of 'he said, she said' but a matter of 'all of these people who you claim were present at the time of this event that you manufactured inside your head said they were never there,' but it is only you that must be believed. Justice is now a choice that the powers that be can grant to you or take away from you in exchange for your compliance with the over and underlying narratives they propagate.

Justice is expensive if you can afford it, and then you still don't really get it if they do not want you to as in the case of General Michael Flynn. In his case the pursuit of justice was the punishment. A kangaroo court designed to rape him financially during the 'pursuit of justice.' Great, his first attorneys escorted him through the process that they purposely dragged out because they were getting paid by the hour and then Sydney Powell had to intervene and pursue it for free.

But if you are a hood rat, or a friend of Kamala Harris or a victim of climate change the pursuit of justice is free as it becomes not only a crowd-funded venture, but an elimination of due process entirely for the victims of your crimes. Or, they just change the laws and eliminate the idea of 'bail' altogether.

Pelosi built a shrine to honor Christine Blasey Ford, as did TIME magazine and others. The Time's Up foundation codified itself as a byproduct of climate change when Bill Cosby was released from prison on some bizarre technicality.

There are hyper-symbolic events that occur that scare the hell out of people who are NOT reading too much into things, but can understand what I have coined as the 'juxtaposition of tyranny.'

Biden - Tara Reade and Trump - Russian collision: They are basically telling you that they can accuse anybody of anything they want and get away with it and at the same time, their guy (Biden) can actually get away with doing these things, even after THEY trash him as long as THEY forgive him and let him get away with it, or just change the narrative.

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The mainstream media’s double standard shields Biden from the Kavanaugh treatment


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