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Kamala Harris - 'Herstory' or 'Whorestory' - are you sure you want a VP who looks like you...

but acts like this? - Kamala Harris talking smack about Trump for 4 straight years is going to come back to bite her tenfold.

I feel bad for the black community when they have such horrible representatives.

“We’re Making Progress” – Kamala Harris Sounds Like an Unprepared High School Student When Asked About the Border Crisis (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

“I’m Not Going to Play Political Games” – Kamala Harris Gets Testy with Reporter Asking Why She’s Not Going to the Border (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Not going to play 'political games?' I think that is your job now, honey.

Kamala Harris sex joke has Oklahoma state lawmaker unrepentant with no plans to be 'politically correct'_FOXNEWS

I am also concerned about the health of the VP. She seems to have gained a lot of weight since taking office and I am worried she may be morbidly obese. Her ass as well as her neck and face are getting really fat.

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