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Kamala Harris did take care of one problem at the border – her book

Updated: May 14

Laura Italiano, the former journalist at the NY Post (Not NYT) who wrote the story about Kamala Harris’ book “Superheroes Are Everywhere” showing up at the border in migrant child care packages was fired recently after a retraction to the story was printed stating that it was just one of Kamala Harris’ books that arrived at the border in child migrant care packages. The books were not being ‘distributed’ there according to the retraction. And that single book was a donation. According to the retraction.

The plot thickened when the journalist came forward and said that she did not want to do the story in the first place. The NY Post made her do it. This is not Kamala Harris’ first warning shot to the journalism industry. Her niece, Meena Harris, was warned about using her aunt’s likeness for profit as well. Children’s books, among other things.

David Daleidon - journalist target of Kamala Harris hit job.

It was widely reported that the Biden/Harris campaign had a ‘war room’ of lawyers ready to handle the bad press that their campaign had expected to get. They did squash the NY Post story about Hunter Biden. Biden voters have since said the Tony Bobulinski revelation may have changed their minds at the polls.

But in that case, they scraped the NY Post off of social media. Now, they are attacking them where they live – their own website.

The press dismissed this. Of course they did – because it was a warning shot to them. The journalist who was fired mentioned that she felt like she did not ‘resist’ enough. My words, not hers. She wasn’t ‘anti-journalist’ enough when they made her be a journalist.

The corporate ‘buy in.’ - do what we say or you could get fired / doing what we say could get you fired.

Some people think that Barack Obama is pulling the puppet strings for Biden. What if Hillary is pulling the strings for Kamala? This stunt is totally her style. Hillary was always better at pulling the puppet strings than being the least likable candidate on the 2020 Democrat Presidential hopeful stage.

The children's book industry and the educational materials publishing industry are highly politicized.

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