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Josh Hawley's 'Big Tech' bill is really just a 'monopoly' bill. It has nothing to do with tech

Updated: May 4

Fox News: Hawley to introduce bill to 'bust up' Big Tech, targeting companies like Google and Amazon -

Bill follows legislation Hawley introduced last week to ban mergers in companies worth more than $100B

Sen. Josh Hawley on Monday will introduce a bill to "bust up" Big Tech, which will target massive companies like Google and Amazon, including by banning them from simultaneously running an online marketplace and selling goods on that marketplace.

Hawley's new, more focused bill would also ban companies that own online marketplaces or search engines from owning online hosting services, Hawley's office told Fox News. This does essentially nothing as companies can operate through various 'shell' organizations in the same way George Soros does.

There are no protections preventing the various companies from colluding to deplatform users or address privacy and censorship issues.

It would ban Amazon from being able to sell Amazon-branded products on Amazon Marketplace, where its competitors also do business. The bill would also ban Amazon from simultaneously owning a large amount of the cloud computing services that many online companies use and continuing to run its ubiquitous retail business.


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