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Joliet, IL Police Dept refuses to release names of officers who beat innocent black man

Joliet, IL - there is a problem with transparency in WILL COUNTY, IL. Victor Williams and Jamal Smith were involved in a altercation with Joliet mayor Bob O'Dekirk and then subsequently illegally handled by Joliet police following a George Floyd prayer vigil back in May of this year.

Bob O'Dekirk, who was named as the aggressor be several onlookers, can be seen grabbing, dragging and then slamming an unarmed black protester to the ground for seemingly no reason. No charges were filed against these young boys. WILL COUNTY prosecutor James Glasgow failed to fie charges against mayor O'Dekirk which prompted the Feds to step in like they have to do many times in Illinois when prosecutors are found to be derelict in their duties.

Watch these videos and you be the judge. I hope they burn Joliet, IL to the ground like it is Ferguson, MO.

Mayor O'Dekirk, Joliet Police Sued For Actions On Night Of Riots

Joliet, IL Mayor Bob O'Dekirk and Police Officers Sued after video shows attack on black protester

Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow Destroys Lives

Couple awarded $15.5 million for wrongful murder charge

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