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Joe Biden and Kamala Harris should remember - Lance Armstrong 'won' too

And he had to take and pass a drug test which is more than I can say for either of the illegitimate POTUS-elect or VP-elect.

I wonder what Kamala Harris thinks about tainting the office of the first half-black half-Indian VP because she ruined it for both races by pretending she won an election that everyone knows was a total fraud.

Nobody takes identitarian politicians seriously because they are essentially cheating right out of the gate as they are unable to compete on merit. Constant selection of very poor candidates makes all black people look bad. The MSM media has the same problem. Black people are not winning any hearts and minds with their animal-like behavior, like we saw during the Bill Barr hearing in 2020. Or with the constant moronic rantings of idiots like Don Lemon and Joy Reid. They feel very inferior to their white counterparts and it shows in their childlike reporting that has no basis in reality. Black clowns with no concern for optics.

Everything that Chris Rock said was 100% true. And now nobody is allowed to say what we all know is true about Jussie Smollett (modern day lynching according to Kamala Harris), or any black person because the ones who are looting and rioting in the streets are literally no different in their appearance or behavior than the ones serving in Congress.

Silencing and cancelling people will be necessary to prevent people from speaking the truth about Democrats and the fraud they propagate onto the American people in an effort to hide the fact that their anti-American constituents are by their very nature incapable of succeeding on their own in America because they refuse to assimilate and take responsibility for their own lack of success and constant failures.

Watch billionaire Oprah Winfrey, unable to rise above her own feelings of genetic inferiority, as she speaks to recent H.S. grads as part of a commencement ceremony in Chicago during the summer of 2020: OPRAH RACIST COMMENCEMENT SPEECH CHICAGO CLASS OF 2020

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