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Jan 6th - Why Mike Byrd does not have to give a reason for murdering Ashli Babbitt

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According to Michael Byrd's own testimony (from the article here), he shot in self-defense.

Take note of the word 'elsewhere' as well as the 'fear' that he randomly applied to an inanimate object (backpack) nowhere near the location from which his unconfirmed 'fear' emanated.

"...he believed his own life was in danger," However, in statement from this article, - 'The DOJ is lying about the Ashli Babbitt case," - Michael Byrd apparently does not have to prove he was justified in the shooting, the prosecution has already done that for him by establishing an impossible burden of proof for themselves... the prosecution has deemed that they have to prove that he was not justified... The prosecution in this case also appears to be his defense. You cannot prove a negative. You cannot prove you did not do something.

Keep in mind, he also alleged that he had no access to 'COMS' - communication devices such as walkie-talkies or earpieces that are a required part of the uniform of an on-duty officer. This is why he alleges he 'did not hear' that there were other officers better positioned and more adequately equipped to address the surrounding area near Babbitt - this was announced over the coms devices that Byrd claims he did not have access to, but does not explain how he 'heard' about 'bombs outside the perimeter.' I do not want to drift too far off topic, but this also suggests that he was somehow aware fo the 'bomb' narrative ahead of time.

This abstract denial of due process for the family of Ashli Babbitt has guaranteed a 'not guilty' verdict for Byrd.

Very strange language used to construct an impossible burden of proof:

'Willfully' .?! - So, the firearm just 'went off' by itself.?! He does not even have to prove that he 'made a mistake' which is awesome for him, because, in my opinion he accidentally discharged the firearm based on the way he was holding it improperly - with his finger wrapped around the trigger. But according to this language, Michael Byrd is even off the hook for accidental discharge of a weapon because 'it is okay to make mistakes that result in the death of an innocent civilian if you are a black Capitol police officer' according to this customized 'burden of proof' that conveniently places an impossible burden of proof on the prosecution.


Related: Innocent white guy gunned down for no reason by black female police officer in Chicago_FOXNEWS - Shooting was initially deemed 'justified' after innocent guy 'illegally walked between train cars' - a 'rule' (not a law) that woke Chicago 'made up' because criminals rob people on trains and then run into other cars in an attempt to avoid detection.


There is proof Ashli Babbitt is dead. There is proof Mike Byrd killed her. Many legally armed civilians who have to shoot people in self-defense are arrested and convicted of crimes when they, in fact, are the victims because of the improper way that the police handle the investigation, or because they cannot prove that lethal force was justified.

If the shooting is deemed 'justified' there has to be a basis on which that shooting was justified. Reasonable fear, self-defense, etc. Byrd approached the 'threat' gave no warning before (in my opinion accidentally discharging his weapon) while approaching an unknown, unarmed individual named Ashli Babbitt. There is ample evidence of aggravated misconduct resulting in death based on the way he improperly handled his weapon clearly shown in the video and images obtained from that day.

Byrd does not even have to admit that he pulled the trigger. The prosecution has decided that despite his clear inability to demonstrate firearm handling proficiency, that he just didn't mean to do it - mistakes happen. In the natural world, gross incompetence does not absolve you of liability resulting from gross negligence. But during the 'new normal' it is illegal to hold black people accountable for anything they do.


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