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'Anti-Racist' Chicago Public School Teacher James Klock

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Woke Trump Derangement Syndrome

Apparently harassment, threats of doxxing and telling someone who disagrees with you to go kill themselves is all part of 'anti-racist' education curriculum from this Chicago public school teacher James Klock currently enrolled in a PhD program in Education at Northwestern University Chicago I believe. I believe he currently teaches at Benito Juarez High School in Chicago.

'Anti-racism' seems an awful lot like an excuse to be an asshole disguised as academia.

This is a guy in a PhD program having an 'intelligent conversation about race' on Twitter.

FOX NEWS ARTICLE - Surprising percentage of college students find violent censorship 'acceptable' to some degree

Check out this guy's twitter feed. He has a long record of being insanely combative with people. He is violent. He conflates this with 'free speech' - no.


Unhinged Chicago Public School Teacher

Notice the avatar of the account now trolling me, coincidentally, is the image of the Nebraska bar owner who killed himself after years of being harassed by the Left. Link to that article here:

Omaha Bar Owner Jake Gardner Had Been Targeted By the Left FOR YEARS Over Trump Support

Here is a screen shot and a link to Chicago Public School Teacher James Klock telling me to commit suicide after admitting to harassing me. This is 'woke' anti-racist education.

17-Year-Old Student Cyberbullied By Teacher and May Be Expelled for Sharing Conservative Content on Instagram - GATEWAYPUNDIT

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