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Jacob Chansley prison time, black school shooter released

Arlington, TX - black school shooter Timothy George Simpkins, 18, was released on bond one day after shooting a 15-year-old seven times and a teacher who tried to stop the attack.

Read the full article at The Daily Mail

Several reports from the events of January 6th revealed that the political prisoners being held in D.C. were detained NOT because they were trespassing, but because 'they posed an imminent threat to society based on fear they may talk about election fraud.' Seems to me that constitutes false imprisonment when the reason for holding someone is, first, both not against the law - or at least it wasn't until now, and second, not why they were arrested in the first place.

Many reports have now revealed that the Capitol Police and undercover agents led members of the rally into the Capitol Building on that day. The FBI has also been recently identified as working in conjunction with an Arizona school board president who was compiling personal information, including social security numbers (identity theft) of parents who opposed teaching critical race theory in classrooms.

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