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It is kind of fun watching the entire country unravel

From a sadistic point of view, it is interesting to see a corporate shakeup as well as an institutional shakeup. Your children are being indoctrinated in schools and the most closely connected person to the virus - Faucci, is the one pushing the vaccine. This is getting pretty serious.

I am watching this Netflix show - Manhunt. It is a short series about Richard Jewell. I didn't understand the part where his brother cut his own hand off in protest. Did that really happen or was that just a gross depiction of the truth? As true stories usually are.

The show is probably only 3.5 Stars. However, there are parts that are very interesting in their perspective. The reporter talks about making a gross elaboration of the truth, but is using jouro lingo, which makes it sound all the much more sleazy.

The FBI does not really care that much about who did what, but rather are only concerned with how they look. Just given these two perspectives in their respective professions you can see how dangerous it can be to find yourself caught up in their trap.

They are looking for Trump supporters. Overnight, I became a member of a 'white supremacist militia.' I didn't. But they said I did. I do not know anyone in this so-called militia and neither do any of the other Trump supporters I know.

If people do not stop wearing masks soon, we are going to be wearing them forever.

Do whatever you want with the vaccine - get it or don't. But, it is starting to look like this may be a yearly inoculation as corona continues to pass between people who have already received the vaccine. Did you forget to de-amplify your testing protocol to make small traces of anything look like this virus? Didn't we basically report ZERO flu deaths after we started testing for COVID over the past year? It was all just the flu? People who died with the flu or people who died from the flu?

A part of my brain still does not accept that this is all actually happening. I'm serious. What the hell is going to happen next? It is happening every day. Social media is being embedded into your skin and what must Facebook look like right now? The DNC?

They have cut off an entire political party in this country from communicating with their other members on the most widely used communication platform in this country. You don't call that election fraud or an 'in kind' donation? Pick one. It's both.

These people did nothing wrong and are being locked out of defending themselves while you say and make up whatever you want to about them. Who are these people? Where did they come from? Who paid for this? Is a warrant for surveillance now basically no longer necessary because they can just submit a subpoena for your Google records, which is everything?

In some small towns, they do not even ask your name when you walk into a police station. They ask you for your phone number. Nothing else. They must already know everything they need to know about you based on your phone number and they are not even being sly about it. I am serious.

So, to say that we do not know who the BLM/ANTIFA - BLAMTIFA - are, would be a lie. They have phones because they had to organize and we know they were paid and dispatched to these choice locations for rioting. We know they were part of an organization because they regularly identified themselves. No Three Letter Agency involvement. None.

They keep acting like they do not know who the roving bands of marauders are. They know, because it is them. It will be tragic when the Feds overtake local policing. It was bound to happen. Cops used to be cool. I mean, have common sense. They don't anymore. And now, they are just the publicly funded private security for the Black Supremacist Militia - BLAMTIFA.

How nice of us taxpayers to fund our own demise as several times cops have punished the victims for pissing off the criminals. Keisha Lance Bottoms recently did just that with the Rayshard Brooks case. She admitted firing the cop even though she knew it was wrong to prevent a riot. I cannot believe I actually read that. That is what happened with Darren Wilson, the cop who shot Mike Brown.

It is kind of fun to watch it all unravel and a huge portion of it is based on lies that were not told all that long ago. Mike Brown is what got my attention back in 2015 and that is when I realized some people just choose to believe things that they know are not true and provably false. Now 6 years later, CNN is finally taking a hit for the lie machine that they have constructed. I would not want to be anywhere near someone who watches CNN and considers them the most trusted name in news. That is a dangerous person.


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